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Possible Haxors?

By monixion March 08, 2012, 21:38:21
Just saw someone in Amakna who was able to basically instantly plant trees, she went to a patch of dirt, it planted in a millisecond then she'd move on to the next and do the same! Wondering if there's any tools that allow you to plant that fast in the game or is it a possible Hack?

Didn't catch the user name, she only had to run past the soil patches, then when I asked how she was doing it she just logged out.
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It's more like lag, happens to me often on my Eni, I click on several spots where he should go and plant trees, but he just stays still, after somewhat like 5 seconds he appears in the last position I clicked on and all the trees start appearing in the positions I've selected. All the other players and mobs keep moving normally while this happens, I also had a couple of players asking me "How did you do that?"

Note that my computer and net are pretty good, so I can be sure enough it's the game.
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I've planted some trees and sometimes had an instant plant, happens rarely though. I can cancel the plant, walk away and the cutting is planted, no lag.

Still, this could easily be someone exploiting the way that bug happens to make it happen every time.
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it is a bug ingame.

basicly what you do is plant the seed and move forward right away. this instantly plants the seeds.
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So, can we expect bans for people doing this?
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Well tbh i can't see people doing this , because to move you have to cancel your mouse planting cursor and move , then click on seed again , soil and unclick , its kinda tedious.
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i dont expect a ban out of this.

seeing that it will only make it a little faster and after all even if you only plant them you still needa find new spaces to place them. or remove them.
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Did anyone of you saw the dude in Asturb with bird like hat with colorful feathers. He was lvl 6 and i asked him where to get such hat and he called me out for duel. I lost cause he was doing 70+ dmg with his spells, and than told me that he is from customer support with moderator account.

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Concerning the instant planting, it is indeed a bug that should be fixed very soon.

@BJSV, could you please send me his character name in private?
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Troyle|2012-03-09 10:50:02
Concerning the instant planting, it is indeed a bug that should be fixed very soon.

@BJSV, could you please send me his character name in private?

Can we expect new content to be released any time soon? ;o

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@Troyle, nvm about the PM.

@Gnrxx, i guess there's a faster way to do it ?
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its kind of upsetting to see such a game breaking bug in the retail :\
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I don't care even if there is such a bug.
I am still gonna wait that 5 - 10 sec (Not sure about time but you get my point)
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btw i would like to add that with this bug, a player can reach 100 cp in about 5-6 minutes in bonta

please tell me the devs are doing something to stop single account multiple alt votes, and some degree against this CP farming , if a player can reach such high CP with ease then it economically destroys the CP system and cancells out the pourpose of any laws in game set by the governor

30 000 cp player does not care if he looses 10 cp when he attacks someone he does not like.
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