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Subscription issues

By #[Troyle] March 06, 2012, 14:37:57
Hi there,

Since we got word that the subscription problems should now have diminished, I would like to open a new thread and try to gather as much information as possible should you still be experiencing subscription issue.

If you had troubles subscribing in the last days, I first ask you to try again, starting from today. Should an issue prevent you from succeeding, please post in this topic with the following information (please post using the account that is experiencing the issue):

  • Country
  • Payment method
  • What did you try to purchase
  • Error message

First Ankama intervention
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There was an IP hiccup following a maintenance this morning.

This should be fixed now.
See message in context
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Country : Indonesia
Payment : Mastercard
Package Monthly

i still in discovery mode, cant trade, drop, using kamas, etc, but i already gained my pet, coin and many bonuses, i waited 1 hour++ still cant trade? or not subscribed?

a help would be great
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Could you please try logging off, wait for 15 minutes, and log back in?
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country : Indonesia
payment : Zong
purchase : Ogrines

hi.. could you tell why i cant use my phone porvider while the zong tell me that its site has my provide mobile phone number. The error message is:
Sorry, your mobile operator Zong has not supported the application. We're adding new carriers all the time, so please check back soon

here is a link to that tell us what Indonesian carrier is supported with zong

im usin the indosat (im3) carrier that is supported

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country : Italy
payment : Zong
purchase : Ogrines

I try to purchase with my mobile phone ( Postemobile mobile provider ) some ogrines. I don't receive the PIN sms to my phone, but i don't receive any error.
My phone recevive sms from other mobile phone, i think there is some problem with Zong and Postemobile.
I think that Postemobile is not supported by Zong sad

Thank you smile
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Country: Australia
Payment: Credit Card (Tried both VISA and AMEX)
Purchase:1 month sub

Error given: Service not available. Provided with error link to contact Ankama support, which also led to the Service not available page.

Tried it so many times that it then said I had made too many credit card transactions and that I might be trying to defraud the system so it locked off transactions for 24 hours and suggested an alternate payment method. Tried to pay with paypal at this point (minimum 3 month sub), and it gave me the same error, suggesting an alternate payment method - it appears your system includes Paypal as a 'Credit/Debit transaction', and so is also blocked for 24 hours.
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  • Country : Australia
  • [*]
  • Payment method: Visa
  • [*]
  • What did you try to purchase: 1 Month Subscription
  • [*]
    [*]Error message : _This part of the subscription service is unavailable.
    Please choose another payment method.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information, or for any other queries, please contact Ankama Support.
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Country: Indonesia
Payment: Mastercard
Purchase:1 month sub

i cant use pet, haven bag , trade , and all that related to subscription =(
can check for me ? =)

thanks a lotlaugh 
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Score : 34
Do we really have to go through all of this again?

Country: Australia
Payment: Mastercard, PayPal:
Purchase: 1 month, 3 months
Score : 30656
MagicalEskimo|2012-03-07 08:02:39
Do we really have to go through all of this again?

The reason why I started this new thread is that we received word that the issues should be fixed by now. New issues mean that something else may be preventing players from subscribing. It will be easier for us to identify the source of these issues when the proper information is provided. This thread should make your feedback more effective and focused, and therefore faster for us to treat.

I apologize for making you report your issue again but hopefully, things can be done faster thanks to this new feedback. smile

Score : 106

An error has occurred. We apologise for the inconvenience.

If you continue to experience this problem, please contact Ankama Support.

Credit Card> confirm order> Visa> Service Unavailable
1 Month Sub
Score : 3
I Subscribed about 10 minutes ago by ogrines it went through fine, but in-game it is telling me im not subscribed even though i got all the subscription tokens and gifts. Any tips? I have tried multiple times to relog.

Any helps appreciated
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I made an account n America but now I don't live there anymore and can't use the payment options from here for that account.

Is there a way around this?

I really really hate Rimington!
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Country: UK
Method: Ogrines
Payment: 1 week subscription

Error: There was no error message, my ogrines have been taken and there's been a confirmation email too. The problem is the game still recognises me as an f2p player and I cannot do any p2p actions still, after an hour of being subbed. The email said I had to wait 5 minutes. I've relogged and restarted the Uplauncher continuously and the problem still remaind. Therefore I've paid for at least an hour I shouldn't have had to play for. Thanks for any help.
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  • Country : Australia
  • [*]Payment method: Visa/master card
  • What did you try to purchase: all types of Subscription
Notice: Service unavailable An error has occurred. We apologise for the inconvenience.

If you continue to experience this problem, please contact Ankama Support.
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  • Country : Thailand
  • Payment method: american express
  • What did you try to purchase: 1 month

Please wait 24h before making another transaction.
If you still cannot subscribe, please contact Ankama support.

I already wait 24h and try to subscribe again but it's show the same.
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Country : Italy[/b]Payment method: Phone[b]What did you try to purchase: SubscriptionIve subscribed with phone payment, i got the items and logged off and on again but im still unsubscribed in game.
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Country: Italy
Payment method: PayPal (most important) and Credit Card
What did you try to purchase: either Ogrines or ANY Premium Membership
Error message: when selecting the payment method through the "I want to choose a payment method first", I'm being said "Temporary unavailable" and thus I cannot procede. Also, when selecting first the desired Ogrines/Membership to buy, after I can't select neither Credit Card nor PayPal again (Temporary unavailable), and for some subscription types (1 week, 1 month, 700 Ogrines, and others) I can't even see one or none of the above options in the list.

I've already sent an inquiry to Ankama Support but I've yet to receive any answer, I'm having this issue since about the day one and won't enter the game before subscribing, hope it'll be fixed soon.
Score : 9
Country Russian Federation
Payment method PayPal
What did you try to purchase 1 year sub
Error message
Notice: Service unavailableThis part of the subscription service is unavailable.Please choose another payment method.We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information, or for any other queries, please contact Ankama Support.
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