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Wakfu has, inevitably, drawn me back, and I am asking to see what i have missed after 6 months or so.

By imnuxoll - MEMBER - February 17, 2017, 15:31:26
Hello everyone!
    I quit wakfu right after people were first beating the ultimate boss moon, and for a while previously had really enjoyed the game. I quit because it was no longer fun because my 2 main characters (sacrier and rogue) were never wanted anymore in high level dungeons for various reasons and because I had a really busy life outside of wakfu.
   Recently my schedules have changed and I have more free time for games, and
I have heard sacriers are getting a revamp (they are my fave class but when I quit they were weak) and I was hoping someone could fill me in on what I missed while I was gone!

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rogue is definitely good now
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No real new endgame content yet. If you're looking to come back, expect one of three potential "endgame" routes:

1) Farming content that existed when you last played for the same items, including steles and Sham Moon.
2) Attempting to beat the new UB, Nogord Wungleezareed, which is basically lv200 content and no one in Nox/Remington has taken him down yet (or at least gone public about it).
3) Attempt lower level content at higher difficulties, which includes de-leveling your character using the new ALS (Adjustable Leveling System) and new Stasis Dungeon system (which increases the difficulty of dungeons, but only for parties utilizing ALS).
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"I stopped playing when people were beating the UB Moon"

This was mid October.

"What have I missed in the last six months or so?"


>expecting to come back to major changes after only 4 months

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I dont think we will see anything new for at least half a year.
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