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Strange thing near the mines.

By Karkalec - MEMBER (+) - February 17, 2017, 11:40:28
What is this? We all know the secrets when you need to activate an emote in front of something to get something secret. If you guys know - tell me please, if not - let's try to experiment on this! I doubt it's for nothing. These things are near every mine in "village" area. Sorry for english if something is wrong.
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If I recall correctly, those are related to the one mercenary quest in the Brakmar Village area. Not logged in atm so would have to confirm that.
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I think it's a hole. Nothing special. Where someone is digging, there are holes, a normal thing near mines eventually.
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It's for a mercenary quest as Kynaran say, if you have the quest you can interact with them and spawn some Drheller.
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Ankama has stopped doing these kind of things about a random undocumented secret triggered by an emote or drop, I really miss things like Hon's skull, the hidden little jalrog or the noxine key 
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or the royal piwi in the villages at night...
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I recall one of the area quests once involved Drhellers popping up from them, but nothing in that particualr region.
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