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Please, oh god, why did you do this to my eyes? Oh god... The contrast! The contraaaaaast!

By Rezilia - MEMBER - February 14, 2017, 17:02:30
*sees forums change to an eldritch abomination*

*bangs head on wall till my skull cracks open*

First Ankama intervention
Hi everyone, we understand that it is a big change, and we welcome all of your feedback (so thank you already) on what you may want to see changed, or what you are enjoying the most, so that we can share it with the team, and see what can be done to make sure you get to enjoy the new forums the best way possible. smile
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Get good.
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How come you reply with dofus avatar?
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Yeah I don't like the new look either. It feels like it's designed for mobile phones even when you're on a browser.

Wait, did I just agree with a Rezilia topic? I... need to go sit down...
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I'm using a mobile phone now and... No, I can't say I like it.
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I checked on my phone and it does look and feel much better than it did before on mobile to me
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haha RIP forums
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Pls fix this forum. This is not helping me read better. D:
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Its even worse on mobile devices..
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Yes, the basis is obviously designed for smartphones and already drove me away from using the KROSMAGA forums altogether.
The game isn't designed for touch devices, why should PC Users deal with a forum wasting more than half of the screenspace for navigation tools and an irrelevant background?

We also lost the possibility to create a profile page and can't look up posts and threads created before the change... great, really great.
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Well, I Liked the new design tongue. I found it easier to read and it came with new functions as reply to specific comments.
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its not bad, we will get used to it
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gg... everyone have been complaining on the french community, they promised some changes weeks ago.... and now they install da forum for the english community before completing the changes....  gg

Also where is ma "first level 200" title and my profile page !!???  
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Yeah we lost stars and titles on forum, a shame. I also can't seem to see the option to like or dislike the OP post, only the replies to it has this option.

I also don't see the option to view the text in "bb code" before posting. It was very useful for me at least but guess i just have to get used to this change.

Other then that i am happy that we can now reply directly to certain posts within the topic - something that i saw working well on ToS forums and i had hopes we would get this function here eventually. 
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Right now I find hard keep track of wich thread I have to read and wich I've alredy readed, it's so monochromatic...
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..................gota lower my screen cat eyes are not used to so much light.
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My problems with it are
1) It crams LESS information into MORE space somehow, because it really overuses blank white space.
2) No colour differentiation between topics you've read and ones you haven't.
3) You can't see who made the last post in a topic from the topic list.
4) When you post in a topic it gets added to your followed list even though the nature of this forum lends itself to many "one and done" type of replies. And just in general with a forum this dead making the forum easily readable/scannable is more useful than having a followed list.
5) The search has gone from a garbage fire which preferentially shows results from 4 years ago (unless you explicitly stop it), to another garbage fire which finds literally nothing. Either way you're far far better off using a search engine and the "site:" option.

And a lot of things that I don't think are objectively bad decisions still seem like poor fits for this forum.

Threaded/nestled replies are most useful when you expect topics to splinter off in many different directions simultaneously, but that doesn't happen too much on this type of forum. It also doesn't really work unless you can collapse/expand replies which I'm not sure this forum can (haven't experimented with it) and I think it works best with more sort options too.

You can now see which server a player is on when looking at their list of characters. That's useful information, but it's going to be irrelevant in a couple of months so what's the point. That interface seems to bug our really easily too and show one person's information on another person's name lol. Oh and profile pages disappeared (which I don't think of as a huge loss, but maybe some people do).

Share on facebook, google+, twitter seem like really bizarre options to be built in from the ground up. In what context are those buttons going to get used? "Oh my god I wrote the perfect post on this forum for a random game I play. I MUST SHARE THIS WITH THE WOLRD!"

People will get used to it in time yeah, but a forums revamp that nobody wanted and is arguably a downgrade doesn't exactly feel like the best use of resources. And maybe it has some non-obvious advantages, but still that doesn't seem like a winning tradeoff compared to obvious disadvantages. And I don't think the forums were good before hand, so wasn't like it was a high bar to clear ( I thought the quote options were particularly dreadful so I'll experiment with them later to see if they're better)..
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Gross. People I blocked show back up now.
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There are people out there using avatars from other games, I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW
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i kinda like the new format. ohhh yeaaa i said it.
Hi everyone, we understand that it is a big change, and we welcome all of your feedback (so thank you already) on what you may want to see changed, or what you are enjoying the most, so that we can share it with the team, and see what can be done to make sure you get to enjoy the new forums the best way possible. smile
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we just did that on the french forum, and u guys still decided to make it live "as is" for the english community.... And I'm reading same complains here.
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This new forum is horrible, who on earth thought this was a good idea, i feel pain just looking at it.
What i want changed? I want the old forum back, what was wrong with it anyway, why chance it?
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I tried to edit this text with quote that messed up when i tried to split it / add another quote, but it turns out it was impossible to do and the post that i was making here got posted on the next page instead.
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yep, and if u do your quote manually, then the "]" will bring out a popup... so you have to write your ] elsewhere and paste it here....   I've reported that LAST MONTH on the french forum sleep
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