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The idea of no villagers is bad

By Neneko88 - MEMBER - June 18, 2014, 07:02:18
Who would want to see villagers in wakfu..specially in srambad. Imagine all the jokes they could add to sram villagers?

No player will ever be as good as real villagers, we're there to fight..villagers would actually live there.

anyone agree?
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We see a few during the quest line... I think all the "monsters" there are really villagers. Maybe not the borbat things, but everything else seems to be actual citizens, and they just like to have some serious battles.

But yeah it would be neat to talk to a few, outside of the main quest line.

BTW anyone know what the Sram Bank requirements are for entry? I'm curious as to what's inside.
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I think it's not unlocked yet but coming later. I could be wrong...
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