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Snausages Translates Srambad (someone has to!)

By TommyTrouble - MEMBER - June 17, 2014, 22:16:06
Here is my super rough Google Translate of the Srambad Questline. If anyone has stuff to contribute, please do so.

L'Ouverture, The Return
Pandora seems to have the power with Wakfu,

but she thinks she finds a solution. Talk

again to him to try to open the portal


A New World?
The portal is stable. You do not know what

awaits you, Pandora and you on the other

side. But this is a not a source of unknown

and unmatched power?
Pass the threshold and discover your

Through the portal demensionnel.

A New World
This is not particularly what you expected.

At worst, falling into an empty world

without oxygen causing suffocation your few

seconds. At best, a paradise inhabited by a

accueilant and generous people.
The place where you are is more akin to a

troubling dichotomy, a merger between the

pleasant aspects mouns two hypothesese a

place aurefois paradisique today sterile and

ruin. At least the old man who stands at the

top of the stairs can perhaps answer a few

of your questions.
Talk to the old man beyond the gate.
10,026,200 XP

You? What are you? You are not safe here!

Scoot my speed petoits!

How does "not safety"? First of all, it is

either "here"?

What? But you came here by the ... Ho! I

see, it should not ... Well ... Whatever.

You are in Ingloriom, size or once stood the

Council of Twelve. The place is abandoned

for a long time, a "no-man's land" divine.

Since then I've done my refuge.

What is going on?

We do not have time for this kind of

chatter! If the gods were to learn your

arrival ... Especially you, young Pandora

... By Great Explorancienne! Enfen, my role

is to tell you that another traveler

Dimensional awaits you Srambad, the

dimension of the god Sram.

Pandora you know? Are you also a Voyag ...


(7) [Combat]


Sciencetomagies passion for Pandora and

fascination about the secrets of the

universe in general make it Extremely

zealous in everything she does. His desire

to help others is thereby multiplied, and

specializes in the care she can wear his

companions adventure.
But not being tailee for combat, more

enemies are away from her, Pandora is more


A chacque turn, the level of Pandora Heals

Boost evolves depending on the distance of

enemies compared to Pandora:

_2 Lvl Heals Boost Pandora box by separating

the enemy nearest

(9) (Working on this part)
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Tommy, as mentioned in my previous reply to your previous thread, please Ankabox me for translation needs and I can share it with you and the community in a special thread just created for it: here.

The quest line has many turns to it depending on what is done and to not give spoilers or loose information, let's do it properly and use my offer to help the community until it is resolved.

I do thank you for your help. smile

I am closing this thread to not have many duplicates.