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Ultimate Game Card is retiring.

By FurmentalAlchemy June 07, 2014, 15:01:23
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Considering how this is a moderately popular method of payment, I think Ankama should be really concerned and bring forth far more alternatives. With a waning population in certain communities, and the knowledge you can't even save your Ogrines because they expire, the least they want is to lose even more subs. rolleyes 
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This will actually probably cause me to be unsubbed considering Ankama decided I am in constant period of having to 'wait 24 hours to do another debit/credit transaction on this account.' Ultimate game card was the only thing that worked for me in order to buy anything from Ankama. Bleh.
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Surprised so few people seem to care about this. Still, I'd like to see this being addressed by Sabi or anyone else, and ask Ankama if there are any plans to bring any other payment options to our community. <_< 
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Here's an option they could use. I remember when they were first starting up they had a contest for Game Stop gift cards. I won 2 50$ cards, it was pretty sweet. Then again... its US only.

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Oh what?! UGC is retiring? No! nononono!

I used to use UGC for so many things besides Wakfu. Ahh..

Well GG Ankama. Maybe get your credit card things to work better, ahah?
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