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Nox server: Any new or returning players welcome.

By DarkNoticalX - MEMBER (+) - May 16, 2014, 02:35:30
Do you want roleplay? Gameplay? Tactics? A person dedicated to you? Well I am looking for someone currently to dedicate my time on Wakfu to. This does not mean recruiting you and then throwing you to the wolves. I know it can be difficult, even in guilds. So this is not a guild thing, it is a commitment to help one another when in need. To put one player above all and become their partner. If you are interested in this, respond to this post. Then add me as a friend. I am looking for someone who wants to stay on Wakfu. Someone who loves the game and wants to have fun doing what he/she loves. Above all, just be friends.

Why do I want to do this? Because I believe if one person does this, then another will, and another, and another. Then we will be a better community because of it. We will not be just grind farmers looking for the highest level to help us, we will be allies dedicated to make eachother stronger.

Yes I am a level 108 masq, does this mean lower levels should not apply? No I am actually looking for newer or returning players. So dont be shy.

Other then this, hope a lot of people apply. I will be sure to reply to everyone.
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though I know I will not be very reliable since I only play fairly late in the evening and only for a short time period, I would love to be your friend and stuff wub 
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Same here ,
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More welcome then anything, Just trying to find a consistant person,
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