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What's your favorite costume/set look?

By EskimoF April 13, 2014, 10:58:48
Usually, I dislike all of the costumes on my Iop, because the whole dead white eyes just make her look boring in my opinion.

Although, one of the most ugly costumes I've seen turned out the be the best.

So, as it turns out, the Thrown-Together Castuc Costume not only gives you a sweet ponytail under the helmet, but it also gives an Iop the blessing of actual eyes.

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

This happens since the gov headgear overwrites it, obviously.

If Anakman actually put Iop eyes in the boutique I'd probably buy it.

What about you guys? What costumes or sets do you think suit your characters?
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I like these two on my mask wabbit because it gives me a "clown" vibe and removes the mask making me look like a sadida and father deepboar looks great with my hair and the gwand viziew sandals
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The Best Outfit ever

--jokes aside--

When my Feca's hair bugs and doesnt go BALD-shaped lmao. Eco hat is hard to match with the feca sprite, so I usually pair it up with Cutie Pie costume, even tho it has semi-boobs. -this took me a while to get the bug to proc lmao-

Bugged Crafty Elf Costume on my Eni -when boots were still visible- altho I don't mind her barefoot now. Still looks adorable.

And the new Black Wab Cos + Panda Emblem looks gorgeous, altho I couldn't make it appear in game xD

Edit: I just realized, all the costumes/outfits I like on my toons requires bugs lmao. 
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Ichiechiechie|2014-04-13 12:50:34
Oooh they're really good, have you drawn them yet? Your art was always adorable wub

Definitely need a Chibi Wobot, tons of them.
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These are probably my favourite so far. Not so much combinations, but just what I think the costumes suit best. Sadida has the best hair I swear to god
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EskimoF|2014-04-13 10:58:48

If Anakman actually put Iop eyes in the boutique I'd probably buy it.
Lemme second this. ;^;

Alright, to the main topic.

First is Djaul costume + eca emblem mix on my enu, second one is Justice fighter costume + enu emblem on the same char (aaahh glitched hair, all my love~), third is simply my eni with a sram emblem on. I'd like to wear it this way, yeah.

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I love the magmog set in all its glory, its wearing hell and causing it to

When i play with sadi/xelor i usually wear the lenald ninja sets as xelor knows teleport jutsu and sadi replacement jutsu. Or i give sadi behemoth armor and xelor wizard costume as tank and fire sage biggrin 
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My absolute favorite: Nileza's Diving Equipment from the Chillberg side quest. Because it's a steampunk hazmat suit and because Nileza is such a lovely elderly graverobber.

Next, the Merkator costume and Necroforges set + the two non/set drops (if it was a costume I'd willingly pay 2400 ogrines for it):

Last but not least, the Whisperer set/costume, as I love impractical honor guard armor:

It matches my main's color scheme and pet, which is also a great thing. biggrin
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I am surprised no one said Meridia Insignia.huh Its my favorite!!!biggrin

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Hey hey we all know witch//wizard is the best. Look at all these happy people!

Failing that there is always the pink elf pumpkin headed jester...
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this for sure:
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I had this on Nox, and I cry now that I don't have it on Dathura. (hint hint)
The Aunt Samantha Costume & The Uncle Sam costume.

Always and forever.
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