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About mine resets

By AndersonMenezes - MEMBER - March 28, 2014, 20:59:43
I know is so bad when this happens, even when part of a plan. I know u guys said is a bug, the reset was unexpectaded. In my point of view, been a bug unexpected, we can't pay the bad part, if u can't open the mines again, can u turn our job easier?

Each time our almanax was bugged, and we loose 1 day, u guys gave us an Almoken, can u send to all characters 10 megabombs? or something else?

U can create things diferent, like 1 bomb for each 10 miner lvls. To only character with the job to rly use it. Some ppl will get the bombs and will not use, cause don't care about the atual situation.

I know u said did fix the bug at today's hotfix, but the mines aren't open, so we will spend time to open till it bug AGAIN. And we know, our experiences says: the bug will comeback soon, probably worsy...

So, think about, 10 megabomb could help the comunity. 3 resets in 1 week is too much.

Just to clarify, it isn't a compensation, it's a fix to a problem U did create. 
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How about sell bombs in the boutique? That'd be nice. :O
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To gain money with a bug? So ppl who did lose multimen with last bug should not receive back, just buy again on boutique right?
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Obviously not for the bug, but for when they occasionally do reset the mines. They aren't supposed to reset as frequently as every maint or every update. They could also give them out as compensation if they do happen to reset the mines too much.
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