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Wakfu on Linux, is it stable?

By GJTora - MEMBER - February 16, 2014, 22:05:07
Hello, I'd like to pass to Linux soon.
Windows has really failed with me.
But I'd like to know how is the version of Wakfu for Linux, are there many problems?
Have you any tips or tricks to share with me about installing it and using it?
I am going to install Ubuntu or Chakra or Mint, I still have to decide.
Also if you have advices on wich one I should choose, please tell me smile

Old Kahiiji
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I'm playing on Ubuntu and it's fine. Both versions are almost identical, no huge Linux- related bugs or something like that, at least I didn't see anything like it, game works the same on Windows and Linux.
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Playing on Ubuntu as well with no issues.
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Gentoo here, it crashes occasionally, so I can't say it's stable. But it crashes on windows too.
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I think the only issue with Linux is linked with the Krosmaster table usage. Ankama kept bundling a heavily outdated version of the Flash player with Wakfu which was just making it crash horribly. I don't really know if this has been fixed yet.
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It has been, at least for me.
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Yeah smile 
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GJTora|2014-02-16 22:05:07
Also if you have advices on wich one I should choose, please tell me smile

i'd recommend picking ubuntu as the first nix OS, cuz its newbie-friendly and its debian.
didnt use it since 2010 or so tho - that gui update was kinda unexpected for me.

inb4: now its a linux thread.
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