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Any idea how to obtain these new costumes?

By Karakedi February 13, 2014, 18:46:35
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I hope they have time to make it next year, it's been 3 years with no event. ;~;
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can i get those costume sabi i want to be cute :s
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So the pink gobball costume was posted on the front page,, for those too lazy ~
I'd imagine the pink tofu set would also be a pink version of the set

Although it's just a reskin, I think its pretty cute,,
Shame we wont be able to obtain it for a while D:
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Inspired by the Pink Gobball outfit, I made a re-colour of the Tofu as a guess on what it might look like.

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They could still use these for Fleaster!

Purple Tofu costume please!
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Someone is selling the pink gob at 130.000 at remington market.

Edit: 1200 ogrines on Shop
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