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Loot on the Jelly Kings

By LittleKros February 13, 2014, 05:59:30
Made it to the last bit of the armor quest... royal jellies. We've run the dungeon four times. We faced translucent, and got some loot. We faced the emporer, got some loot (and a royal jelly!).

Then we faced the blue. We got nothing. No kama. Nothing. Then we faced the red. No kama. Nothing. 6 players. 3 of us chomped lvl 70 pp candy. One had a pp of 180.

Do the color jelly kings drop anything? The encyclopedia says they do... It just seems odd to get nothing. I've been blanked before, but we got a few kamas. Twice in a row...
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they DO (sorry no pics)
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Often when you drop nothing which includes kamas it is just a visual bug.

Next time you fight the dungeon boss write down the exact amount of kamas for yourself and ask people to have a spare slot in their bag for drops.

So if they did drop anything it would be clear to see.

If your kamas does not go up at all I would then assume it is bugged.

I did the blue jelly last week on Remington and dropped a Royal Jelly.
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