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Uberlord (Wild Estate)

By Arahuello February 08, 2014, 21:21:41
The question is - can I still make the Uberlord quest?

As far as I understand I should find some secret passages at Wild Estate - but I couldnt, coz that area was revamped totally.

But that quest is still unfinished in my Discovery list - so probably someone know how to complete it...

Or we should expect removing it from the game?

Can someone comment that?
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It's from the old Island. I was only ever able to find the Super Mario themed cave. It's gone now anyways, so don't expect any miracles from Ankama.
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im still trying to find the spectral gob ... and thats new ;o; where o where art though spectral gob.
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looks like noone is interesting smile
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I'm interested, but I can't find an answer. I could get the second cave. But not the Oiram Passage.
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I still have eca pirate captain pants in my quest items. You could even check how they look on character as regular item, to be clear as a hat. But since one ninja fix its not more possible nor to look at it or even link on chat.
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I still haven't found that God forsaken spectral gob.
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at least they put the hidden areas back in
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