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So where is the PP Revamp?

By TommyTrouble - MEMBER - February 03, 2014, 22:38:05
It was said that there would be a revamp first quarter 2014. That was taken to mean February, yet we don't see it yet.

Where is it, what is it, and why isn't it being implemented now?

We were told there would be no more partially implemented changes, and yet that is exactly what has happened in this case.

If you're going to keep the PP cap nerfed, yet delay the drop revamp, at least tell us why, and when to expect the rest of it, and what it is we will have to look forward to.

It's been quite some time. We really do need this communication!
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The first Fiscal Quarter in France doesn't end until the end of March. biggrin
So the Law of Ankama Deadlines tells us we won't see it until ~October, no worries.
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Don't feel down, they know what we want, but they don't have time enough, but they are working on it. Remmeber please are too much things they are bring to us: GvG, Classes Revamp (Feca, Sram, Panda), craft revamp, new things on HW, Drop Revamp, Bug Fixes, New Islands on the Shushu Dimension, High Lvl Revamp (cause probably all classes will get new passive/active specialities, cause with 160+ we will have a lot of unespend points), almanax revamp, mount system, high lvl content (145+), new multimen, asia server fix, rework of old system (like wakfu/stasis), and much more, so don't worry.

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Every day we suffer under reduced PP and an unchanged drop system I worry. I'll stop worrying when they make it what it should have been in December. Thank you very much.

Every day they don't tell us what is going to happen, and when, and why the delay, I worry.

They're too good at sweeping things under the carpet and never responding, so I'll continue to ask until I get some answers.
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If they don't do it by March I am gonna fly over there and torch their office. With my dragon breath. SKREEEEE.
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Spending hours in a dungeon where the mobs are all invincible from certain directions, start every round after boss turn on tiles that make them invincible, become invincible until their following turn when HP gets below a certain amount, get like 6000 mp to run away when invincible is triggered and get all kinds of interesting ways to heal back up...

And then almost no drops at all. Not even a silly token. Maybe enough kamas to buy 100 bread or something.

PP revamp needed to happen awhile back.
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if they really want people to pay for wakfu they need to change drops (or add tokens). At the moment wakfu isn't rewarding for how much they ask of people (2-3 hour dungeons).

Thats not right, prospecting and drops need a revamp now, not when they find time in December.
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