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How do we get Burp Emote now?

By TommyTrouble - MEMBER - January 30, 2014, 21:14:26
Previously there was a secret room in Astrub with the emote, now where is it?
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Crafted with each of the nation's sodas. The sodas are found in each of the nation's 3 Pistes Dungeons. I believe it's a level 0 craft, and it's a secret recipe for the chef profession.

Or... Players can just ask me, and I'll give them away as long as I have supplies. At the moment I probably have 100 to 150 burp emotes (or mats to make more) on an alt.

I play on the Nox server. My alt is subbed, and I will be able to log on sometime after 3pm CST today. If anyone else is interested on Nox, & would like one of these FREE emotes I can supply them for you. Just let me know. You can just comment below.
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