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Leveling from 110-140?

By revsky69 January 21, 2014, 15:55:16
Any suggestion where to level from 110-140? using air/fire xelor, water masq, earth/fire rogue
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Crackapult range dungeon in Shhdokus kingdom is great experience. You have all the elements necessary to debuff at your whim. Assuming the masq is the healer?
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yes the masq is the healer and source of damage also. is it possible to finish that dungeon with only the 3 of my chars? is there a trick to it?
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I might be better if you find a few other players to run with, maybe a few guildies. I promise the exp will be better too.

Now that you are past 100. I suggest doing the dailies in chillberg. Doing the dailies and then running/completing the dungeons gives amazing exp.

Once you're 120 you can start doing the ones at wabbit island and so forth. Its like 7mk exp or more.

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OMG 7m exp! weee!!! thanks ill do the chillberg quests
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revsky69|2014-01-22 07:13:14
OMG 7m exp! weee!!! thanks ill do the chillberg quests
lol well chillberg is not as much exp as wabbits. At wabbits you get 3mk- 7mk from dallies. I believe chillberg is 645~ 2mk per quest. Depending on which zone you are located in.

Here's a few of the quests I am referring to:
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Pretty much on the same boat with leveling.

Tried the second whisperer dungeon but it was.. extremely slow. I guess my Earth Enu, Air Cra, Water Eni, Fire/Earth Rogue, Water Panda, Useless Earth Sac setup isn't ideal. I know a guildie levels alts there and can 2-3 turn most rooms.. but I guess that's the joys of being endgame.

I'm finding the first whisperer dungeon to be okay exp at 800-3m per room depending on challenges... but eh, still feels 'slow'.
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I still prefer the top level whisper dungeon. It's faster and I get better exp than crackapult. Whispers are a slower kill than simple cracklers, for me. Once you're able to spam Sylargh, do that instead.
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Do UBs weekly, too. I'm 118 and killing Magmog gives me a third of a level, I'm not even kidding.

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The above posts are all good suggestions.

I prefer to kill things that drop items I need or will sell while I exp. The gear grind is slow enough already, save yourself time and level up while collecting the kama or items you want.

The exp will come, it's the gear that doesn't always drop for you. 
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Hi! I have reached the 130 mark. what dungeon you think gives good exp and good equips to sell. I prefer ones that are easy to do and do not require much mechanics.
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From 110-120 I chose mechas, doing the dungeon and enviroquests, as well as exp you can get some nice sylargh drops + mecha cape and cane to make some money off.

120 you unlock wabbit enviros so that would be the next move, jump back to some nice dungeons from time to time to change things up a bit and again get some nice drops to make some money off.

But that is the general idea of it, its what I am doing.
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im 140 on xelor and got around 8-10 other chars at 110-120, so i have tried lots of stuff to pull those up and it feels like sylargh is best thing for powerleveling alts, since it gives good xp (2-6 in pre-boss rooms depending on chals), its also fast, easy and doesnt really require heals. moreover there are lots of crushables to drop. the only bad thing about it is O-shaped maps which bring more trouble into fights.

running whispering dungeons and hushed itself from time to time - those are surely faster than sylargh, but cant say its good exp/time.
black wabbits are worthless xp-wise as well.
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