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Leveling question.

By Tragrim - MEMBER - January 03, 2014, 11:46:00
Not sure where this should go, but eh.

Basically I've just returned to the game after going on hiatus when the radioactive dungeon thing came out.
I'm contemplating rolling a full set of 6 (odds are I'll drop down to 3-4 in a few weeks) and I'm wondering where abouts to level the alts to a semi reasonable level.
I roll with a 110 fire Iop / 110 water enu (or air cra) / 110 osa (sometimes Eni) and I'm just unsure where abouts I should grind the new 3 characters tongue.

So any advice would be appreciated! I'm still hoping old school lunar dungeon is decent and perhaps tree, but eh.
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Hello yet again Sadist, it's me your friendly neighborhood stalker. Anyway, levelling now is very dependent on the average mob level vis-a-vis your char level. Chars get individual exp depending on this match. Basically in practice what that means is you want to do dungeons close to you char level, you likely don't want to start lunar until level 50-60ish for your alts for instance (I think that was level 60 right?). You can potentially just do higher content but the outcome seems less than ideal to say the least. Unfortunately, I currently have no sort of secret lowbie ninja levelling advice for you. The one tip I do have is go ahead and live at the Freezepop lab once you hit 100 on your Rogue. Best xp/time ratio I could find by far.
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Yeah, I think by doing dungeons / mobs (the same size or larger than your party) about 10-20 levels higher than the character your training will give a pretty decent amount of exp.
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Thanks for both your quick responses!

I was reading up on the new exp system and it seems both good and bad. I guess I'll just grind gobball dungeon with a cra and do speed runs for exp or something.

So in short there's no ultimate place to grind exp until you're high level and the best beat is to kill stuff around the characters you want to level up's level?

My 3 are all level 20, so I should do a level 30-40 dungeon until I'm level 30-40 at which point I do a level 50-60 one? Sounds like a plan I suppose.
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