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How are you spending your Kwismas Break?

By jspano December 25, 2013, 02:53:16
As it asked in the title, what are your plans for kwismas break/new years? Running that dungeon? Finding that final piece of your perfect set? Maxing out a craft?

Personally, I'm shooting for 120. Got 5 levels to go, and soloing forfut mobs takes forever for leveling. But, it's my weekend so grinding here we come!

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Breeding zangooses on pokemon y i'm almost done got two 5 IV parents with the female in a premier ball with the nature i want and ability

Just need the off spring to give me my perfect one and ill be happy '-'

in terms of wakfu though? getting to 140 i'm 6 levels away so I just gotta push through and get it done my goal was to get it done before the next cap increase so that the gap wont be that big and with this really easy exp scaling getting cap will be easy again like it was back in the day
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IRL: Tickling Mouseofshadows too much because it's FUN. Visiting his family cos they want to meet me.

Ingame: Looking for the Grinch Costume, which should be around here somewhere, I mean really. 
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Waiting for the UK Eshop to come back up so i can wonder trade ;-;
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Relic quest. .. need I say more.
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Funny thing is, was not really planning on playing Wakfu at all today... just really depressed at many of the events. Though I've been thinking I should make my own event on the forums to liven things up... I really dislike recycled stuff... unless I missed it....

So yeah, after I get my personal life stuff done: playing Animal Crossing New leaf, etc... I'll probably see if I can put in some time for Wakfu stuff. It is kwismas after all... should be more special.
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I spent Christmas earlier in the month with my family, my sister was moving out of state. My boyfriend and I opened our gifts for each other this morning, been snacking and playing Wakfu, getting prizes for our guild raffle n_n Nice relaxing day. Will just cook, play games and listen to music.
Merry Christmas!
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I went to sleep on 24th and just woke up, with the worst headache.... It's what 26th now ??
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Ahh the joys of being a nub and spamming F5, managed to get the Y 1.2 patch while it was up for all of 20 seconds

Ahh christmas... smile 
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During my leave period, 13th through today, I did some hardcore grinding and manged to up the gear on my characters significantly. :3

Got my main Osa from 112 to 123, Enu from 111 to 120, eni from 111 to 121, Eca from 98 to 115, panda from 100 to 116 and Sadi from 105 to 116. Vamp, 105 Whisper Dungeon and Sylargh spamming. o3o Now it's off to my base. ;~;

Osa's now in Magmog is Sadi is just 20ish crow claws from finishing BC set. o3o All in all, it was a good break for me.
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I am spending it reading forum and replying.
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dropping literally hundreds on cocaine and whores
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Tbh Im spending my sad christmas break on hoping that ankama realizes their defeat as a pvp gaming company on a pvm based gaming platform and sells out to a company that will ether remove all monsters and focus on pvp, like dofus is becoming or ether remove the harse punishments that PK has on wakfu, if someone attacks you, you lose 30% hp and damage for 3 minutes, if the attackers are no nation, they get no penalty for killing someone 100+ levels lower then them... I get more penalty for clicking (NOT EVEN CUTTING THE TREE DOWN....) on a tree to cut down, while simultaneously someone cuts a tree 0.5 faster then me(saying this, someone who cuts the last tree before dishonorment happens, if I pre click on the tree before this happens, I do not know that I will be punished more then killing a random person 100 levels lower then me.), I lose more points then I would if I killed a lv 11 player!!!! Seriously this game has flaws, it is built on a platform to promote call of duty game type play, where ones skills/time of playing directly effect new peoples playing.

Really I cant figure out if this game is a pvm or a pvp game, it looks like an rpg, but rpg is fighting npcs not pvp. I love how I get a penalty for someone 100 lvs above me killing me. that seems soo far, expecialy when their 'no nation' and they lose no points for killing random people.
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Spending it with my Family, and working.

Aside from that, I guess trying to reach lv 140, and leveling my masq.
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