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Not surprised...advent.

By Pakonitan December 25, 2013, 00:02:14
Who else wasn't surprised that the father whupper costume was the reward for the advent calendar again? Oh well, hopefully next year will be different...
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But what about the people who didn't get it last/this year. I for one am glad it's the same because I failed last year.
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im actually very sad, dont need two of these ugly ones
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Grinch costume, yet another mistake by not releasing it. Adding that to the Bathing Suit from August, Black Wabbit, and Archaeologist.

I'm sorry, but BAH HUMBUG!
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Zirako43|2013-12-25 00:08:44
But what about the people who didn't get it last/this year. I for one am glad it's the same because I failed last year.
Yeah, it's good for people whom missed it and wanted it... just disappointing twice for those of us whom didn't really like the costume to begin with. XD I hope next year they'll give us something more maybe Christmas lights adorning your character or something more bright and cheerful. XD I wish they made this costume able to be sold too...
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I'm honestly happy because its one of my favorite costumes and this got me one for my dathura character. (Looks great on my mask when hes wearing coward mask)

But at the same time I do feel bad for those who had it last year and got a duplicate of it this year
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I got dissapointed. I was excited to see this year suprise gift in the end... wich turned out to be the same insygnia as before. This insygnia is not cool - its ugly. I don't really like any insygnia with that kind of hood (including Spektral and Hoodlum) and those colors are making it even worse. Maybe if my voice would change into "enutrof-like" despite being a female char of different class - then i would like that insgygnia for some hobo-gameplay trolls with emotes.

Still no point for me to have more then 1 of those. But i understand that you want to allow everyone to be able to get it... guess i will not bother with it next year.
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You could always release a new costume every year along with the old costumes so people can still get them all. A lot of MMOs do this, I think. wink 
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Honestly, I called it from day one. Ankama recycles the events, why not the advent gift? Honestly I don't care if people didn't get it last year. That's what makes some things unique and fun to have! Being present when it existed before! It shows longevity of support for the game!

I think they just couldn't think up anything new and didn't want to recode a new thing. :/

Thoroughly disappointed in the Advent. But, they are free prizes, so we can't complain too much even if it was 23-25 days of making sure to log in every day and get the prizes...
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You know it's sad because they add a lot of new stuff to the database but they don't release them and just recycle old stuff. I saw some Kwismas decos added from the update and it looks like they didn't make it into the event.
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I was hoping for something useful. 80% of the stuff from advent calender went to the garbage...
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SO SAD! I was expecting a Grinch Costume this year.

Anything looks better than Father Whupper. And it doesn't even LOOK like Father Whupper from Dofus, ffs.

Bah freaking humbug, Ankama.
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I expected the father whupper insight as the gift for the final day... The thing is they said it would be a new one and that's what upsets me. I thought they were going to do a vigilante costume to fit with the theme of the month. I'll speak more on this later but I've just injured myself and must rest.
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It looks like an outfit you would find in a dumpster. :c
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Asthis|2013-12-25 09:39:48
It looks like an outfit you would find in a dumpster. :c

Was hoping for something a little festive at least. Oh well, at least I didn't have to grind hundreds of anything to get it.
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My concern about Ankama's laziness level up has just found its confirmation. I was suspicious about the prize since the very start, but still, had a little silly hope for the best.. Because simple duplicate from last year is just, ugh, beyond ridiculous. And yet, it's here, it's real. I can't believe. It feels like a spit in the face. oTL
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You should have seen the JOY and the pure freak-out factor IRL when I came across the Grinch boss on Kwismas.

We were all yelping like caffeine guzzling rainbow hyena babies, excited about the Grinch Costume in all it's GLORY.

Surely this year's Advent would be this GLORIOUS green costume?


Alas.... the only green is all the money Ankama made off us this year. Not even a virtual Costume for us, the bruised and battered players, not even on Kwismas.
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Am I the only one appalled that this doesn't have an alternative look for female characters?

They go out of their way to give male characters an alternative look for the witch costume, but force women to ware a straggly, ugly beard for their Kwismas gift!?

Moar like—disapointmas; amirite or amirite? );
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