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Choking Shadows Spell Sucks - Please change it

By sockstoyourdoor December 12, 2013, 20:07:59
Lumino's spells all seem very useful and while his buff spells is annoying to cast because it only last 1 turn (make it 2 WP and make it last 2 turns?) his spells are still pretty great. 3 Heals, 1 revive and one decent ranged damage skill that pushes back...however shadow is different.

Shadow feels weaker. He has no 1 ap spell so his 1 ap buff spell is kinda lack luster. He's known as the AOE multimen but his AOE's are kinda hard to pull off but what's worst about him is his " Choking Shadows spell". Spend 3 ap to steal 1-2 mp at lv 100+? That' absolutely terrible.

What was the dev team thinking?
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when shadow hits 100+ and gets 10AP you are supposed to use choking shadows to steal MP if you're too far. it has range 1-6 and is modifiable.

Scenario. Enemy is 8 spaces away. walk forward 6 spaces, steal 3-4 of his MP and use it to walk into CC range. You now have 1-2 MP left over to use shadow chain if you want or just use the sword move twice.

Doing this as opposed to just using phantom menace comes with the upside that even if they can break your low lock.... they have very little MP left anyways.

It's an ok skill and has it's uses. his AP spell buff is fine. At lower levels he'll have 7AP before AP gear, so using it puts you at a nice 8AP for 2xchain+sword or 4x sword. It eventually gives +2AP anyways.
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All of the multimen are a slow burn. They start getting really good the higher levels you get them to. As for shadow, at level 100 he can use his ap buff and, with 10ap, cast shadowy explosion twice, or shadowy explosion + chainsx2. That's 288 or 352 base damage respectively. Or heck, if you really have to pile on the single target damage you can use chainsx2 then gruesome blade x 3 for 376 base damage. Compare this with a jabs x 5 which does 310 from an Iop. Sure you gotta use wakfu to get to that number, but since it's readily doable at 10 ap it's rather fantastic.
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Ah thank you both. It appears I was too hasty in my disappointment.
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I would sign what the other guys posted above.
Well im using Lumino and Shadow permanently now and i have them only around lvl 80 yet.
But i also noticed that they will increase much in terms of Abilities.
Literally they Skill like we do.

Level 31 = +1 AP for the most of them
Level 51 = +1 BP for also the most of them
Then Shadow skills for up to 10% Crit and Lumino for +1 Range
At around 81 Shadow then finally start to get his +Dmg% and Lumino at lvl 71 gets Healing %

So thats already the Main Reason why i would sign the Opinion that Multiman just heavily Increase
with Higher Levels, and of course Better Gear smile

Just my two cents about this...
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