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Who would like help making Wakfu Videos?

By JerryDB - MEMBER - December 04, 2013, 15:53:32
I am no where near an expert but I can help you or anyone else who might be interested in making Wakfu videos.

So please feel free to post here or message me in private.
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It might help if you gave people some ideas for videos..
IE: Power leveling guides, dungeon walkthroughs, UB strats, condensed profession mapping, ect
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I would love some help creating some videos. I have no problem coming up with ideas on their content. What i would like are program options for recording, editing, and hopefully creating elements like text to overlay on the video.

Tutorials on how to use them would be great. It doesn't have to be fancy, just the basics to record a video and keep the file optimized for uploading/editing etc.

Feel free to PM me if there is something that cannot be posted.

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Don't use Fraps. The files are enormous (500mb per minute, basically) and if you're a cheapskate, you'll get five thousand virusses putting it on your computer.

A good all-in-one that does recording, editing, and publishing in a low file size is Camtasia Studio. I like to use Camtasia Studio 7, because it's compatible with recordings captured using Open Broadcaster, but for Wakfu you only need the Camtasia Studio software as it allows you to record the screen. You only need to get Open Broadcaster if you want to record games that run in full screen.

That being said, you CAN use Open Broadcaster to record Wakfu as well, it's an extremely versatile but not newbie-friendly recording and streaming tool. I'd only recommend it to you if I could tell you how to work it myself, otherwise you'll need to poke around or look up an internet tutorial.

Camtasia Studio (7 or 8) on the other hand is a fairly straightforward idiot-proof editing tool. It's a gentle step up from Windows Movie Maker without being overbearing. Anyone that's used video editing software before will have a good idea of how to use Camtasia Studio 7/8 off the bat, it's really that simple.
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Thanks for the info Hudski^^

Good to know the limitations of Camtasia if i ever play a game in full screen.
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I haven't forgotten about this topic however I am learning how to use Open Broadcaster
As previously I had been using fraps. I have some free time this month so to repeat.

Anyone interesting in making some videos please message me here on via ankabox.
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Hi make some dubstep narcissistic guide parody =3
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