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Question about bugs and tickets: Inventory Deletion Bugs

By Madd1 - MEMBER - November 26, 2013, 06:20:56
Real talk with the community. I seem to be experiencing a repeat bug on one of my accounts pandas, so far it's eaten 221 Volcano plants and my 50 Clawbot. I was obviously much less pleased about the second one.

My question:

Does submitting a ticket do jack squat?
Is there any chance of return of the item if it can be proven the result of a bug?
Will I ever even hear anything at all?

Or should I just mourn the loss of Pinchy, call it bad code and move on with my life?
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Hey Madd!

In my opinion, it really can't hurt your chances to submit a ticket anyway. You're very much not alone with this bug, and the more voices added to it, the more chance it has of being recognised and things being done about it. I've found two threads, just looking briefly, here and here. I encourage you to lodge a ticket and post on one, or both, of those threads. You have to do everything you can to get Pinchy back! They're probably trapped somewhere cold and dark, and they're waiting to be rescued!

Good luck to you Madd smile 
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Pinchy NOO!
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