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[ICT Hotline] Help! I need a moderator in-game!

By #[MOD]Moon November 06, 2013, 20:22:46
Hi everyone,

It has come to our attention that sometimes it is pretty difficult to get a hold of a moderator in-game. What we do is volunteer duties aside from our personal lives, so be aware that we are not online during consistent times. That is where this thread comes in.

Even if we are not online all the time, there is always usually at least one ICT moderator checking the forums throughout the course of the day. This thread serves for you (the players) to leave a message and we will come online to come into contact with you. Instead of us being online a matter of convenience, we would like to make the system a little bit easier for you all.

A quick note before you decide to post in here that any matter pertaining to another player (or a bot) is not be posted in this thread, you may contact privately any ICT moderators via the Ankabox. Any sort of name shaming found in this thread will be immediately removed. This help offer is for in-game help only and consist on either moderation or player stuck in-game assistance. For assistance regarding forum related help, please make use of the report button for to alert us of posts that need moderating or PM any ICT moderator via Ankabox.

Also please remember that what we can do is limited. We are only volunteers and only moderators. We cannot answer a lot of questions since we are just normal players too.

That being said, feel free to post a reply in this thread with a help request filled out and I promise we will get to you in-game as soon as possible to take care of what needs taking care of. smile

- Moon

Ticket Submission Rules

No help can be provided for item related issues, account management issues, or bug related issues.
Those are for the support team to handle and we cannot do anything about those as ICT moderators.

For all of those problems we suggest you post in any of the proper sub-forums here and submit a ticket to the support team.

We also will not trade items with you (unless approved by ICT manager for community events for example) or fight enemies with you.

We can handle gathering bots, spam bots, players stuck and unable to move, and harassment issues.

ICT Help Request (copy + paste)

[code]In-game name:
When I can be reached:[/code]
In-game name: Your in-game character name(s) that we can reach you at.
Server: What server we can find said in-game character name(s) in.
When I can be reached: Tell us a typical time that we can log on to contact you about your help request.
First Ankama intervention
DouDaWitzki|2016-01-18 21:08:15
I would like to report a player for griefing.
My Name : Balarace
Server : Remington
When ? : Next 1-2hours

Thanks !

Hi DouDa,

For griefing or other forms of harassment, kindly file a ticket here.
See message in context
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This would have been nice several months ago.
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MiniMikeh|2013-11-06 21:33:37
This would have been nice several months ago.

I agree, and I wish that we had the power to establish better player-moderator connections back then. However the ICT is practically brand new, and almost none of us had the power to in-game moderate back then. Better late than never, right?

- Moon 
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This is great, fantastic to hear.
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hi im stuck in game on the edge of the map please help names zanga server is nox

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zangata|2013-11-13 05:54:18
hi im stuck in game on the edge of the map please help names zanga server is nox

Why not post the way Moon wanted you to post for help? S/He's got a nice template at the bottom of the post that you can use.
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Name: Istrelle
Server: Nox

I'm stuck on a lake and can't move, I'm in the game now and will be for a good bit. Thanks a lot.
[Issue resolved]

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In-game name: Jan, Mksome

I'm stuck on a lake and can't move.

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Wen yer find yorsef stuck, it 'elped me ter click the bloomin' almanax temple teleport scroll, right? Maybe it can 'elp uvvers, too
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I want ask for help

In-game name: Arulla
Server: Remington
When I can be reached: now, or 18:00+ GMT

[Issue resolved]
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i have a character called ticktock and its stuck IN the stairs of bonta outpost

[size=18][Issue resolved][/size] 
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In-game name: legendarya
Server: nox
When I can be reached:right now for the next 3 hours or so

im stuck inside an npc in the sewers

[Issue Resolved] 
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In-game name: Baeliya
Server: nox
When I can be reached: I am available right now and for the next three to four hours.

I am stuck in an NPC in the Sewers, sorry. D:

[Issue Resolved] 
Score : 73
In-game name: legendarya
Server: nox
When I can be reached:right now for the next 2 hours or so

so um yeah im stuck inside an npc in the sewers yet again cause i died and respawned there because thats where the phoneix statue use to be
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In game name : oldfashionstyle
server: rimington
online now and next 3 hours
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In-game name: GreyWitch
Server: Nox
When I can be reached: Now next hour or tomorrow app 6pm CST
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Ok i'm in Brakmar and I just can't do anymore mission i'm stuck on Pass A-38 they said to go the the garisson outpost but when I go there and click on the door they tell me I need to subscribe to enter... Please could anyone help me.
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Hi there Ashtonboy12!

Are you currently subscribed to Wakfu? If not, that would explain why you can't get in the door. happy

If you have any further questions, please let me know via Ankabox and I will remove our conversation from here once you've let me know you've seen it.

- Atdose
Score : 2704
In-game name: Mocha Bean
Server: Nox
When I can be reached: Now for an hour or so, otherwise tomorrow

I'm in the Wabbit Island prison for the first part of the quest, "The Owange Mile". The encounter with the lenalds will not trigger, therefore the exit has not appeared. My respawn point was forcibly set inside the area. There is no way to proceed with the quest or escape this area.

Just chilling here with some lenalds. Click here

[Problem Solved! :3] 
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In-game name: Espresso
Server: Nox
When I can be reached: Now for the next couple of hours.

I am also stuck in the Wabbit Island prison, the exact same situation as Mocha Bean. I do not have any scrolls of almanax teleportation.

The mods are awesome and broke me out of jail smile