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Did Wakfu become prettier?

By Bulbasheep - MEMBER - October 25, 2013, 11:55:31

So I was just derping around and I noticed that there are effects I never noticed before. Maybe it's just that I rarely saw rain or something but still, it's pretty.

There's no photoshopping done to this image at all. It looked really pretty, it was raining, and my Fire of Love was giving off this really nice light/blurry effect. There were little rippling puddles here and there from the pelting rain, and you could see bits of light move along the tiles as the clouds in the sky moved to let small flickers of the sun shine in. The dull colours of the cloudy sky that is given to the surroundings, notably the tofus and the wheat.

When did Wakfu do this I have never noticed it before.

I also noticed it when I went to Sadida Kingdom last night. It looked very... desaturated, like a place with the life sucked out of it. Almost like a flashback kind of thing. It really gave the place a personality.
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Nah, it's always looked like that when it rains when you have everything set to high quality... I don't think many people see it though due to having weather effects turned off since it causes lag most of the time.

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Wow, so in my year of playing Wakfu I haven't seen it once.

It's really pretty, I like pretty things. I hope everyone else likes pretty things too.

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I see rain about once a week or so. I guess maybe I'm just lucky to be playing when it happens?

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