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Meet With Ankama Staff event video (Remington)

By JerryDB - MEMBER - October 14, 2013, 16:32:02
Just incase you missed the Q&A session on Remington here is the video.

Please watch in 1080 HD, I aplogise if the text is not perfect to read but there wasn't much room on the screen.

Here is the orginal topic posted by Sabi .

The meeting/event had the purpose of answering some questions of the community. Ankama Staff's answered various questions as well as introducing themselves to the community.

Thank you for a great event.

As I have not numbered all of the questions I strongly suggest watching the entire video.
I have numbered some of the questions asked & answered please click on the times to shortcut to them, yes some of the numbers are wrong however this is how the appear in the video the rest of the description is below. :-

Question 1 by Aldrago 07:09
When is the next free weekend?

Question 2 by Connor 07:39
When will you make Wakfu free to play?

Question 3 by Sabalorogue 8:36
Hey I like to know it is going to have a Brazilian/Portugal server soon and want to know if yes that's going to be able to transfer off this server to the new one with all my characters?

Question 4 by Firun 10:53
Spell max levels are raised, do you have any plans to raise profession max level cap?

Question 5 by Nari from Amara 12:05
Are there any plans for a group finder?

Question 5 by Miss-Doctor 12:17
Well its been 2 weeks I sent Ankama and no answer regarding subbing my account

Question 7 by Jekt 12:42
Troyle, its still so difficult to level professions, why increase max level?

Question 8 by Monkid Gitaro 14:37
What do you think to do about the new island "wild estate" do you have any information
to give us?

Question 9 Axxort 14:51
Troyle, does mounts come next year?

Question 10 by Sabalorogue 15:34
Do you guys make the drops system more easy?

Question 12 by Nitrelo 18:03
Do any devs speak english themselves?

Question 13 by Cloudi 18:17
Whats the points of the heralds if they are not doing their job well, I think its better to refresh the list there

Question 14 by Riko Heavenstep 18:35
What are you going to do with the Dragon Pig exploits?

Question 15 by Necrota 19:24
Will the wabbit island gear be rebalanced like the frigost gear?

Question 16 Darkness-gold 20:06
Ankama why don't you do more events?

Question 17 Shoogarato 21:00
What are you doing about the Mollusky dungeon as it is bugged with no access?

Question 18 by Firun 21:33
What events do the staf have planned/possible in the future?

Question 19 by Crown Joker 21:47
Do you plan on making quests on the islands like fortut and saddy kingdom at all which was not chosen on the voting poll?

Question 20 Jibuti 22:04
There was more fun in astub with the arenas will they be opened again?

Question 21 Mirajane Strauss 22:51
Any plans to implement a ranked structured pvp with ranks and prizes?

Question 22 by Shoogarato 23:49
What about items with wood collect rate increase? is there plans for that?
there are pets for miners, but nothing for lumberjack

Question 23 by Dallas 24:57
Is there any plans to allow F2P players to experience the game a little more?

Question 23 by Dimex 26:01
Are they any plans on the masq emblem?

Question 26 by JerryDB 27:29
Why was the dungeon token system removed?

Question 26 by Dimex 28:51
Will there be any new classes in the future?

Question 27 Monkid Gitaro 29:05
Any info on panda revamp?

Question 28 Aamidamar 29:53
Will there be more zinit chapters?

Question 29 Dimex 31:15
Will you add more outfits/hair styles to customize characters?

Question 29 by Flonne 32:36
Will foggers get a new fire spell?

Question 30 by Miikors 33:34
Do you have any plans about
p2p and f2p server like in Dofus?

Question 31 by Novalee 34:19
Any news on new class furniture via the boutique?

Question 31 Starkee 36:05
Any plans to boost xp gained on alts on the same account like Dofus

Question 32 by Crown Joker 37:33
Any there any plans to increase the number of character slots?

Question 33 by Starke 39:41
Reconnection system?

Question 34 by Novalee 42:23
Will there be a system for contacting moderators in-game?

Special question by Sabi 48:01 (no red text highlight)
If you could change one thing about Wakfu what would you change?
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