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I am New Player, Need to buy Almaton with OG, who is with me?

By dlexus009 October 03, 2013, 09:47:07
from one Friend who played 3 Months:

It is just so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They played early and they all got one 'free' relic, which made them super powerful than us. And we dont have any way to catch up with them, with the Almanax Relic, they farmed other relic quicker than us. and we have to wait another stupid 9 month to gathering the Almaton.

That means.

In this 9 Months, they are upon us without reason!! No matter how hard we play, no matter how many dungeons we farmed, they have Almanaxrelic!!

Can Ankama just made one Supply for us? Like one year Abo + 50000 Origin = 200 Almaton, We will pay, we will make sure that we play so long as they do in the future, and just give us some Almaton.
Dont make us slaves for old players ,even we are much better than them!

Any one want to buy one year abo? and just pay more 50000 Og, you will get at least some part of Almaton!
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completely agree with OP

also we should get free max level if we pay for a month, because omg old players can farm Equipments while i have to level, they will be forever ahead of me.

Ankama fix plx
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finally someone felt brave enough to speak the truth!

what do we want?
free insignias!
when do we want it?

now be an hero, dlexus! we know you can do it!