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What did the composer use to make the Emiw tune? XD

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - August 29, 2013, 14:49:50
I seriously love it so much XD, im dutch and i keep hearing a Childs voice saying "Jij bent niet de baas!" Lit: You are not the boss!

And its true, i got my butt kicked but at least i was having fun biggrin

Any idea when we see a collectors edition with soundtrack? :3
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Click here

Is this the one you're talking about? I haven't fought him myself yet.

And yeah, seriously. They need to release a soundtrack, though I'm not surprised that they'd hesitate considering just how fast they add new music to the game. (Maybe they should sell individual digital download albums for every 3 or so islands at a lower price, nudge)
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Yeah thats the boss music. First time i turned the music on after Mango told me how glorious it is XD
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Ms ugly was the only dungeon i turned the music on... after seeing how all the bosses shared the same boring music... but this one is really nice, i guess ill enable music in the new island for a while smile 
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I never realized how much I paid attention to game music until I started playing Wakfu and they added different songs for different dungeons. I love the new music they add in.
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