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Wakfu Youtube Club

By JerryDB - MEMBER - August 27, 2013, 12:30:02
The point of this club is for people to post their Wakfu videos on facebook & youtube we are ideally looking for the best videos and the most active uploaders. However we love a good video regardless. Another aim of the club is promote all the channels within the club on every member's channel and to help each channel grow by passing on tips/tricks we know. Everyone is welcome to join this group as not everyone has a Youtube account therefore can not sub to all the channel they want.

To join the club you will need a facebook account now I would suggest making a new one for gaming unless you like stalkers tongue.

My links are not here to steal you accounts as the new Ankama protection says so. Its a link to a facebook group and youtube videos.

Click here to join.

I know a few things on Youtube such as keyboards and playlist so if you wanted help how recording software or anything to get you make videos I am more than willing to help I have also posted some very useful video at the start of the club (at the bottom). Keywords are words people search for which when people type in, your video might come up such as "tactical game" leading to more views total and more views per day.

Click here to view the youtube club playlist this takes my favourite video from each channel as a showcase of what their channel is about.

Current members:-
If you would like to be added to the club as a uploaded please post or message me here or on youtube. Also you do not have to join the facegroup to be a uploader either just message me and I will add you to the Wakfu Youtube playlist so its up to you really.
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The benefits of joining the club without being an uploaded are great Wakfu videos to watch.
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For the love of god

Get a current English speaking dungeon clearing guides up. Or overviews of the new stuff.

Would be fantastic for newer players.
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Axemangx as part of the club I can recommend video recording and editing software for you and everyone who is interesting in making videos. I will also offer you all the help you need to make videos yourself.

Making videos actually take quite a bit of time there we need more people to contribute rather than suggest subjects we should cover.
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JerryDB|2013-09-07 01:11:06
Making videos actually take quite a bit of time there we need more people to contribute rather than suggest subjects we should cover.

I'm really inexperienced at making videos, but the few boss guides I made took like 6 hours each.

I was thinking about making class guides, but I don't think I have the patience for it.
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However making videos is rewarding I just made a video "how a pro organises a group".
In this video I put in 8 years worth of experience and I am extremely happy with the results.

Like most things the more you do them the more efficient you get I managed to edit a 3 hour event in just over an hour previously it would have taken me much longer.

For me the main things that slow me down is deciding on the music and special events.

If anyone would like help with making videos/editing or anything please just ask.

Don't forget to join the Wakfu Youtube Facebook group. 
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