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Score : 7464

So . . .

By Ryuujikyon August 04, 2013, 08:14:36
WTH do I do with all of this? :/
Not to mention the other useless junk I still have . . .
Rune powders are out of the question.
At least make em stack up to 999 / they're taking up way too much space.
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Score : 9032
Are they not grindable?
Score : 5128
Of course they are and any sane person makes runes from them.
Score : 9032
Make runes then! I'm sure you can find something else to do while you grind them, like take a shower or go for a walk.
Score : 7464
The progress bar after 5 minutes of shattering . . .

I will die ._.
Score : 5745
792 item (99*8)
one item 5 sec
66min for this.

I did crush more then 5000items before,still alive.
Score : 9032
If you can't step away from the computer for about an hour to grind stuff into rune powder, you probably need a shower anyway. tongue 
Score : 2323
Just delete them. It's trash.
Score : 1795
Set up an auto clicker to type "I am still crushing"
Score : 23664
Don't worry it will dissconnect you after an hour of crushing items.

p.s. Rune powders - the best way to waste your subscribtion time.
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