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Dragons and Eliatropes

By VisionCelestia#1602 - MEMBER - March 24, 2011, 23:35:45

I have a question, and it might be abit of a spoiler so i'll hide it as appropriate.

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

If there is 1 dofus that births an Eliatrope and his/her Dragon brother, then technically it would mean there would be an equal number of dragons and eliatropes, and according to islands of wakfu, they are linked together, so if one dies, they both die, correct? so how come God Osamodas controls 3 dragons, that birthed some of the Dofus, and for some reason his dragons do not have Eliatrope partners that we know of? and as for N he travelled back in time to Frigost on dofus, because of Nox, so where is his dragon brother?
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The answer isn't spoilerful at all, as far as I know.

Not all Dofus produce Eliatropes - some just produce Dragons.
There are two types of Eliatropes - those with Dragon brothers, and those without. I think the ones with Dragons are called "Firstborn", and those without are the "Next", but I might be misremembering or mistranslating.

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its like fairy tail and the first second and third generation dragonslayer
and if you have seen the cartoon you will know that grougal bro or sis is dead so why is he alive, the answer is that they don't die at all, but for them to be born again, or the dragon or eliatrope that is dead come back to live they both have to die and beborn again in their dofus

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Sparrtan-Warrior|2012-02-12 20:08:42

grougal bro or sis
I think Chibi is a boy biggrin 
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The original six Eliatropes 'hatched' from the same Dofus as their dragon sibling (no other Eliatropes have a dragon twin). If one dies, the other can still live, but the Dofus cannot hatch again until both have died and their energy has returned to the Dofus.
In this way, the original six Eliatropes are immortal. They don't retain the memories of their past life, though (except for one of them... wink).

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