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What is Master Joris suppose to be?

By OM3GA-Z3R0 October 28, 2012, 18:02:06
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It has been speculated that Joris is a dragon. I read a forum in the DOFUS site about the upcoming movie about him, and it's mentioned that he is the keeper of the Ebony Dofus. Since he is an adoptive son of Kerubim, it's possible he took the image of someone (I don't know who) and now looks like the person he is today. Did he take an image of a Masqueraider, then used his dragon powers to look human, be THAT strong, and survive for hundreds of years?

He's DEFINITELY a dragon.
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Well, Grougaloragran and Phaeris have "human" forms... maybe this is Joris's?

Dragon seems like it's it, though.
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Here we can see the Joris - the cool guy from Wakfu animation. And the Joris or JoJo from
Dofus the treasures of kerub. At the end of Wakfu animation season 2 the capitane of the mother ship
holding the cup with face of Kerub on it - so we can tall, that Dofus is later in time than Wakfu series.
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Joris not a dragon, Qilbi and Adamai may know. But as he lived 1000 years is a good question?!
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It's been stated that not all dragons are related to Eliatropes.

God Osamodas' dragons have nothing to do with Eliatropes at all, Joris is most likely a dragon.
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Would it be possible that as a Masquerader, his mask allows him to live for a very extended period of time?
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I think this is true he a Masquerader
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LordCheshir|2014-06-03 19:03:46
Here we can see the Joris - the cool guy from Wakfu animation. And the Joris or JoJo from
Dofus the treasures of kerub. At the end of Wakfu animation season 2 the capitane of the mother ship
holding the cup with face of Kerub on it - so we can tall, that Dofus is later in time than Wakfu series.
Actually, if kerubs face was on a cup in wakfu, then wakfu must come after dofus because cherub must have already done his adventures to get his face on a cup. Also, Joris is noticeably older in wakfu.
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tbh i think joris isnt a muasqeraider, his ears look similar to whisperers, but there white, and masquraider noses are red
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As alot of people have been spitting theories here, im also going to smile.

In my opinion Master Joris isnt one of the disciples at all, but a minor god/deity.
And with the upcoming movie I even think hes originally was just a normal kid, maybe one of the minor races.
That thanks to the Ebony dofus shattering ( maybe getting a shard?) got long/eternal life and superhuman mobility and strenght.

but the movie will explain alot smile 
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Maybe he's an Ecaflip. Look at Atcham. This thing is really different than the regular Ecaflip and he is one.
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I thought he might have been a Masqeraider, but he does have all sorts of different features. He might be a different thing entirely maybe he the survivor of an extinct people. I think the dragon theory is possible. I am curious to find out what the answer is.
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The dofus movie answers this question.
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didn't really asnwer well, I mean, he is the son of a Huppermage, but what is Julith? Just a dark huppermage? Well, whatever he is, the black tinge of his skin is simply due the Ebony Dofus soul inside him (since in the first scene, we saw that Julith had some kind of black skin over her own skin that the Huppermage punched it off before they kissed) So...he is kinda human-ish, with the influence of the ebony dofus in his body (and he got Julith's nose :3)
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Why did QuilbyandYuikage get all those downvotes?
And yes, the movie did answer the question well, both Jahash and Julith are Huppermages, just from different nations.
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Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

Both of his parents were Dofus-empowered Huppermages, and thus were immortal.

And because of the ending of the movie, he's also an immortal, twice as powerful as his parents, because he has 2 Dofus. But that ONLY remains true until Ogrest gets the Dofus, so he's probably just an immortal now without Dofus powers.

However, that does NOT mean that he's a Huppermage. A child turns into another race during their childhood if they wish for it enough, while unchanged children can become a non-race class by learning it.

In order to be a Huppermage, Joris would have had to go to Huppermage school, but we don't know if he did or not. He might just be a normal Human, but the only way for us to find out is if he removes his hood (to determine if he got a race change) or he specifically states what his class is.

For all we know, he could be an Ecaflip now, just with the same long nose. There's no way to tell without that hood being removed.

I'm pretty sure we would have found out the real answer in Welsh & Shedar, but it got canceled. ):
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Whatever he is, he is definetly a high being in the wakfu world, close to eliatropes or sons/daughters of the twelve gods. In the wakfu ova, the eliatrope dofus glows when joris touches it, which is exactly what happens when yugo and adamai touch them. However they stop glowing when the rest of the brotherhood of the tofu hold them. This could be a sign that he can use them but then that throws everything we though about joris out the window. 
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The Dofus glows for Joris because he IS a Dofus. They are responding to the presence of another dragon. (But Joris is not a dragon, he is a huppermage with a dragon soul inside him.
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Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

he is a huppermage. In the dofus movie ( There is a english sub full movie on Steam) Joris as a baby did a thing and the ebony dofus also did a thing, so he became a host of the dragon soul. Then his skin turned dark.  

Watch the movie, it is very good. ok i'm sorry about not expaining this very well but I guess it makes the spoilers less... spoily?  
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well, acording to the movie Dofus: Livre 1, Joris parents are Huppermages... He also have some of the power of the Dofus infused in him
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Joris is a huppermage, but he's also the living Dofus of the Ebony Dragon, and guardian of the Ivory Dofus.
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