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Wakfu Season four news

By Cowsforlife#4478 - MEMBER - October 15, 2019, 19:33:01

Hello everyone. I just started looking up more in season 4. And apparently people are unclear about who’s going to voice act the characters for the English version. And apparently we should be looking forward to a season 4 and 5. Season 4 will supposedly be released in April 2020. So keep your hats on and round up the gobballs. It could be here anytime soon. For more information please go look at the source where I found my information at cinemaholic.

Here’s the link:

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This is sadly an older article from back in March. Tot has recently posted on his blog that neither Netflix nor the original French TV channel were interested in a fourth season due to Wakfu having gotten "too mature" for them, apparently (these fools! That's what made it so awesome!)
Anyway, He said there would be a kickstarter at the start of next year in which he hopes the fans would show their support and thus how much interest there actually IS in Wakfu S4 so that Netflix and the TV channel might change their minds. Hopefully the kickstarter will be successful. The Wakfu animation is way too good to be left behind for such stupid reasons...
I would kill for more Wakfu!

(Note, this was all I could get from google translating the site. I don't speak French, so I might have interpreted this wrong. Does make sense to me, tho. Here's the link: )

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Any more news? 

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They released a kickstarter teaser on youtube

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