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Yugo, Eliatropes, The Brotherhood of Tofu and season 4(?)

By RennMoose#4859 - MEMBER - September 22, 2019, 15:43:54

Hey. I'm pretty new to this whole community. I watched whole Wakfu series few days ago, two times, and started playing Wakfu game casually. My question in this topic is: What do u guys think/know about the future of Yugo and his friends?

Watch out for spoilers! If u somehow haven't watched the series yet!

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

As we all already know season 3 was finished very peculiar. As i saw already on other older posts i figured that our heroes, and the demi-gods are now in the dimesion of gods. So when/if the season 4 comes out we will surely see them getting out of there back to the world of twelve. I saw somewhere that season 4 was meant to come out 2019/2020 in france or something. So can we hope for it to come out on Netflix on spring 2020?

Also there is a topic about Amalia x Yugo wich i really like. I already know that becouse of who Yugo is (one of the first 6 Eliatropes, brother of a dragon, son of Eliatrope Goddess) he has a problem with growing up. He's already 19 and only 1 year younger than Amalia. What do u think, in what way could his body mature? Is there a way for him? Maybe it will become a second part of the season 4 plot?

There is one more thing i was thinking about, in Dofus/Wakfu game Eliatropes have a specific look. They dont look like the ones we see in animated series. White skin and blue elements looking similar to those of Adamai.
My question is, do u think that futher in the series we will be able to see something about this? Or is it just a mater of different universum?
I wanted to post this topic becouse after watching the tv series 2 times i still cant help but want more. I want to see what will happen to Yugo, Amalia, Sadlygrove, Eva and all other characters they met during they adventures.

Sorry for my bad english. :T ^^
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the season 3 ended on a cliffhanger with all the characters exept .echo and orrpo ending on the inglorium . tot said that the season 4 will be an important one to the universe as it will have some connections to the newest mmo ''Waven" .altho the season 4 is in a tight spot atm not sure if it will be any in the near future . but i think if nothing worked out they will release a comic about it so we get to folow the story till waven 

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I really cant wait. The only thing im thinking about last few days is Wakfu. I imagine may other situations and options in my head. I really hope that everything will work out and we will be able to watch new season soon. Im looking forward to it, at least the comic version if the 4th season wont work out.

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I've been hooked on this show since March so here's to hoping that they will actually release a season 4 instead of merely dropping comics. It would be such a waste to give up on the quality of animation.

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