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Will there be a season four?

By Cowsforlife#4478 - MEMBER - July 27, 2019, 17:11:57

Is there going to be a season four? I’m confused about this because it said wakfu ended at 2017. Then again it also said that season four was supposed to be released 2018 in December. If there will be a season what do you think will happen?

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well season 4 is planed but . it isnt sure , netflix  didnt  order another season , the show did very well on the french channels but theres a probleme with them too . so atm they trying to get someone to get the rights to ere the fourth season i think . but tot said that they will release a free comic if theres no season 4 to continue the story leading to waven

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That would be such a waste. Here's to hoping they will figure something out. The series is way too great to be reduced to merely a comic.

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