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By Cowsforlife - MEMBER - July 13, 2019, 17:23:04

I hate Ruel like I really do. Please tell your thoughts on this Ruel person who I hate so much of thank you people.

I hate Ruel because he is old, lazy, greedy, stinky, and worst of all he’s and adult yet he acts of a child. I cried with joy when he faked that death. Then I cried for real when he came back to life.


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A bit over dramatic there, friend. Ruel is an okay dude who adds a bit of charm and comic relief to the series. I found his stinginess very amusing. Granted, his backstory was boring as all hell but he has his glorious moments from time to time.

If we wanna talk hated characters, we should probably have a closer look at Adamai...

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Adamais an iffy

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