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Who is the best character in wakfu animated series!

By Cowsforlife#4478 - MEMBER - July 13, 2019, 16:51:52

Please include a description and explain it fully. I want to know who is your favorite and why. And also please include if you watched wakfu before the game, or if you played before the show.

My favorite character from wakfu is Evangelyne because she puts up with the crazy mess about her. But she does have those stress moments. She witnessed death, was on an adventure with three boys, she had to protect a bratty princess and watch over her bratty sister, struggling with a relationship at her hands, giving birth to 3 kids, being kidnapped multiple times, and trying to be a teen, Evangelyne has suffered but delt with it. She’s also a cra and I am a cra!! I’ve always have been and I’ll always will. Also I watched the show first because my friend suggested. It was weird at first but here I am playing this game.

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One could argue Evangelyne is the greatest hero of them all, having to manage a household of 3 kids (now 4 tongue) mostly by herself of which one is godly and the other three are demi-gods, haha.

Jokes aside, Dally and Eva are by far my most favorite characters and it is hard having to choose between them. It's easy to nominate Dally since he is an actually well developed character as opposed to Yugo who seems to actively try to resist any way of meaningful development. Yet it is also hard to disregard Eva since she is half of what makes Dally so likable in the first place. Without his love for her and the family they created together, even a well written character like Dally would become flat as a result.

That being said, Eva suffers from major power creep (for a lack of a better word). Where at the start of the season everyone of the protagonists were on equal ground, we now find ourselves at a point in which the characters have massively grown in disproportional ways.
Yugo is some kind of god emperor of an alien race that has a symbiotic relationship with dragons
Dally is literally the incarnation of the god Iop
Ruel is the seventh richest person in the world of twelve
Amalia is a princess of the Sadida kingdom
(Adamai is a son of a bitch who punches pregnant women, kidnaps children and kills their father... tongue)
and Evangelyne heck of a mother and wife, sure, but in terms of amazing feats and status, she was pretty much left in the shadows. I hope for an exciting arc for her next season. She and Amalia could really use some cool plot points revolving around them. Amalia in particular hasn't really grown much from her snobby princess trope, really. The only thing she had actually developed over three seasons was a slowly built-up crush on Yugo that, so far, led to nowhere.

So, yeah. I can't really decide between Dally or Eva, so I am just nominating them both since they would both be only half as good without the other. I think it tells volumes how great these characters truly are when it turns out you watch a show mainly because of them instead of following the overall story or caring much for the other characters. By the time we hit season 3, I was basically constantly saying "Alright, that's cool and all, but bring back the Percedal family instead of wasting so much screen time on this stuff I don't care about." It's funny how Yugo is supposed to be the main protagonist here but I ended up being more invested in Dally, Eva and their kids, haha.

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Nox and Goultard are the coolest characters to me. Powerful as hell, true beasts

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