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When was Qilby actually imprisoned in the White Dimension?

By Kait-Diaz - MEMBER - April 27, 2019, 04:08:52

After starting to watch the animated series (again) recently and finishing up with Season 2 an odd thing came to my eye regarding when Qilby was actually imprisoned in the White Dimension. As he is confronting Phaeris and Yugo it is revealed that at least Yugo and Phaeris were aware of Qilby being responsible for the war with the Mechasms and the following exodus of the Eliatropes, and that they did in fact attack him while they were still on the Eliatrope homeworld, and imprisoned him in the White Dimension, as that’s what the memory of Qilby(or Phaeris, I’m not entirely sure whose it was) seems to be showing when that moment occurs. Why would I believe that? Because the shot shows more than one Mechasm and neither of those leook like Orgonax, and it does seem to be a fact that it is only Orgonax who had come to the World of Twelve, so I’m pretty sure it is the Eliatrope homeworld where that occured, as Qilby does not forget anything due to his... ability; or curse, if you want to call it that.

But that doesn’t really match up with other things in the continuity such as Qilby later attracting Orgonax to the World of Twelve, him collecting specimens of planets the Eliatropes passed while travelling through the Krosmoz, etc. Especially the latter as then the only time he would have been set free would be after they found the (to be) World of Twelve, if all the Eliatropes somehow forgot his treachery.

As I have played Islands of Wakfu, it is just even more confusing as Qilby, despite being absent throughout all of the game besides some recordings, is responsible for everything that happens there, yet if he had been imprisoned in the White Dimension beforehand and never been freed, it is unlikely the events would have played out that way, so did he get imprisoned before the journey on the Zinit(h), or not? Were there some oversights in the plot/dialogue writing, be it on the Xbox game or in the series? Or was Qilby just lying to Adamai when he said some of the specimens within his chamber on the Zinit(h) were from planets the Eliatropes passed on their journey?
What follows below isn’t strictly relevant to the question but you’re free to read it anyway. I didn’t feel it would be necessary or appropriate to create an entirely different thread for that, though I have more thoughts/feelings on the series than just that. The main idea when I made this thread was to clear up some confusion I have regarding what I have mentioned above.^

You know, somehow I feel bad for Qilby, as if I do want to care for him, but... he’s just too dangerous to be left to roam freely. Imprisoning him in the White Dimension really did not feel like anything had really been achieved. Balthazar really put it well when he said. “And yet we don’t feel any better”. Honestly, none of the main “villains” really made me feel very satisfied or good when they were actually finally stopped. Nox... he may have been mad, but in the end he realized what he’d done, he even shed a tear... Qilby, well, I’ve covered him... Oropo... I don’t know, really. It could have ended worse but was what it took to stop him really worth the price? And in the end he just seemed like he got carried away by his negative feelings towards the gods which drove him away from what actually make Yugo, well... Yugo, despite Oropo claiming that he was Yugo, or at least just like him.

Even Shinonome, his sister, refused to support Qilby after all the damage he had done to the Eliatropes, but even that could not convince him to stop... it just seems like a shame that we’ll never get to see Shinonome reborn when Qilby is alive in the White Dimension, it would really be interesting to know what she now thinks of her brother, given that she clearly puts the wellfare of the Eliatropes over Qilbys’ individual wishes. Is there really no other way than to have both twins inside of the Eliatrope Dofus for its occupant(s) to be reborn?

PS Count Harebourg deserved what he got handed to him. I never felt like he cared for any of the Sadidas besides Amalia and he didn’t even care for the trees, which won’t be supported by any Sadida. I would never have assisted him in his selfish quest regardless of circumstances.

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