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WAKFU Season 3: Global Release on April 1

By [Bretak]#2184 - MEMBER - March 01, 2018, 16:00:00

After a very successful release on French television and Netflix France, WAKFU Season 3 is finally arriving on Netflix globally!

Erratum: It's finally Friday the 6th of April, the most suitable date for a launch, that season 3 of the WAKFU series will be available on Netflix worldwide.

Finally, the wait will be over! After being released in France, WAKFU Season 3 is finally coming to the rest of the world on April 1. Don't worry: It's not an April Fool's joke. From Sunday, April 1, you can find all 13 episodes of WAKFU Season 3 everywhere Netflix is available.

This season will be available to view either dubbed or subtitled in several different languages.

Dubbed and subtitled:
Brazilian Portuguese

Subtitled only:
Simplified Chinese

Of course, we are aware that lots of fans outside France have already had a chance to see Season 3 thanks to fansubs, but you mustn't forget that for the series to grow and continue to exist, it must also be supported legally.

If you're hoping for a Season 4, there has to be a lot of views right from the first few days the series becomes available! So to (re)discover Season 3 with a possible Season 4 under consideration, head over to Netflix on April 1!

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First Ankama intervention

Replying to NeoNugget

Hey NeoNugget,

Here you go, RT away! Thank you for the never ending support!

See message in context
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Pass, improve wakfu the mmorpg first then I'll support the cartoon tied to it.

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Lel, it's on the reverse, the game is tied to the cartoon.

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Praise the almighty Ecaflip! I'll be watching myself, and will be spreading the word myself as best I can. So give me plenty to retweet, Ankama! xD

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Hey NeoNugget,

Here you go, RT away! Thank you for the never ending support!

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No English Subs? I like listening to the original voices whenever possible.

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There are english subtitles as well! happy

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Guess i will have to buy netflix for a month.. Norwegian subtitles is a big plus here, all tho i'd like a dub in english.

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Ankama listens to the english community when they try to sell us the Wakfu cartoon or to fund them. But give them ideas to fix the game that we play and no, we don't know anything, we're wrong, we can't be listened to.

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Neat i can't wait!

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no french? how come?

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It still feels like 1st April joke, especially for Wakfu players. Bonus pts for the fact that the ending got scrapped, hastly rewritten and reworked to continue as a soap opera for 2 more seasons.

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Finally! But... "for the series to grow and continue to exist, it must also be supported legally"
How could one even support? By joining Netflix?

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I think they did something on the game in the previous years, for the in-game purchases. As for Netflix, yes. I think they gain more for every number of people that watch the series

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for the series to grow and continue to exist, it must also be supported legally


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^ I'd happily buy Wakfu shirts/sweaters if they existed xD Maybe more plushies? They could make a lot of money off some decent merch.

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hehe, I'm already done with it as I am french and lemme tell you somethin'. I loved it.

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Who will voice Yugo for the italian dubbing? Will they keep the current voice? will they return to his previous one? will they use yet another one? only time will tell us. that, or a very nice admin...

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Don't worry i will definitely watch again and again ^-^

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season 3 of which wakfu series? is it the release of the 2nd and 3rd season for "The quest for the 6 eliatrope?" because there is already a season 3 on the normal "Wakfu" ending season 3 with 13 episodes being called "Inglorium"

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Hi kokonutkroissant,

You must be looking at Netflix France. For Netflix Global, Season 3 will be out on April 6.

Hello folks,

The launch date of Season 3 in Netflix Global has been moved to April 6. Visit here for more information.

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