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wakfu season 3 personal review (edited from the ground up and perspective for season 4)

By herofelix - MEMBER - October 04, 2017, 16:16:12

hello everyone, this is almost a renewed personal review by me, except the things that has to be spoken of stays, i find this still importand, other than the glimpse of the other characters made by the dofus eggs i still am left in the dark with the things that has to be spoken of, so..again:


1: if i look back at netflix, at the 3 episodes now, they are a joy of lenght (45-50 minutes), i've watched these episodes on a stream and they seem awfull short, (22 min) (unless there is more than 13 episodes or more lenght to release, if so, my bad)

2: the language sometimes be spoken and the refrences of certain things are.......edgy for the young watchers, but for me i laughed my ''pants'' off (get it?)

3: this season has so many answered questions, i lost count, its a joy to watch a bit of explaination, but for future seasons it might be better to....not spoil us completely, i mean im just saying.....

THE SEASON (ok so i'm sure everyone has seen it now, if not, don't look at it)

as the story continues after Quilby the traitor and Ogrest, we see our heroes saving the world on a whole other level, meeting and defeating their own god's, Percedall's family gets bigger and we are getting backstory's about Ruel and Goultart's negative side, wich in my opinion is well made, the fights goes on and yugo gets eye in eye with his worst enemy so far, at the end of it they all go in the giant portal and all we can see is a bit of floating rocks and perticulair shaped half-RIME keyhole' the screen turned black

SEASON 4? (my predictions) (more if i think of it but now i'm lazy)

will there be a season 4? that's the big question people ask, and i shall give you a fullmouth YES

whoa, STOP!!, not so fast and let me explain:

so, it can take a long time before this will happen, and im sure if we want this to be better we (as a comunity) need to contribute our makers, annyway take a close look at all the episode's: they work together with netflix, and what will netflix bring us? content from individual sources,
i see ankama as an individual source: they are not grand like AMC but you'll get the point

i trust ankama that they will get to season 4, its been a joyfull of a ride to see all these work they put into, and i know it only gets better from here....


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hope soon they continue the episode,the inglorium ending leaving mystery for me

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