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What is Oropo?

By Heartsore#7412 - MEMBER - September 27, 2017, 12:59:34

In one of the episodes of season 3 it was said,  that the oropo appeared when the Yugo used dofus.
Than, Echo blamed Oropo in the Chaos of Ogrrest and madness of the Nox. As far as I know, the Yugo used the Doufs in the OVA, so Oropo had to appear during the chaos, not before.Someone can explain that?

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It's explained in season 3 that Yugo created the Eliotropes when he used the 6 eliatropes dofus but the eliotropes got send back in time and they remaind hidden of fear , not having the life span of an eliatrope the eliotropes gains life span as the other ones die , without any gods wanting them oropo remained as the last eliotrope with an extremely long life span and he planted the eliocube and created the ogrest chaos.

i hope this responds to your question ^^

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Thank you so much, now I understand

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They even released a trailer back then to explain how eliotropes got both in Dofus and Wakfu (both in the past of the OVA's)
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Oropo...An Eliotrope? I don't understand...

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Eliatrope not Eliotrope differebt

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