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Yugo in Season 3

By xmetalcorex#2189 - MEMBER - September 21, 2017, 09:12:31

Heyho together, 

So I've watched season 3 to episode number 7 now, so I'm not gonna spoil anyone until they have watched the plot to that point. I'm gonna grab up some points of season 2 and 3 so don't click the spoilers if  you haven't watched the series smile  

(You have been warned) 

Plot season 3 (more specific episode 7)  :

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

So we finally saw Yugo and Amalia kiss :O
The point I was wandering since the beginning of the season that (I think) 6 years have passed since the Brotherhood of the Tofu defeated Ogrest and why Yugo didn't grow at all.
Even Yugo said in the last scene of the episode he doesn't know when he will grow up.

Plot of Season 2 and the question to it :

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

So my question is why doesn't Yugo ever grow up ?
Does anyone have some backstory explaining it ?
The only adult Eliatrope we saw so far was Quilby, even all Eliatropes in the white dimension in the season 2 finale were children.

Wish you a nice day!

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I would say its pretty obvious, that they age like dragons (since they're both from the same egg) otomai in season 3 is because he ate the dofus like ogrest did. And he is originally just a tiny ogre as well. so you cant compare that.
Eliotropes become several 1000 years old, they only become old, once they hit the same age as grougaloragran was, before nox killed him.

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Actually the eliotrope have a pretty normal lifetime.. the only problem is it they can't reproduce themselvs. I think u mean the eliatrope btw xD

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Yugo's longevity is due to a number of factors. The original six Eliatropes are the first born children of the Goddess Eliatrope and the Great Dragon. Being the child of gods grants them immortality, plus the father being a dragon slows down his age as said in his season 3 bio and by Oropo. 

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Well its actually not that SIMPLE,first creatures to occur after the great dance(creation of the universe)were the eliatropes,now the first six are some sort of,chosen ones,well not exactly but they are much more powerfull and much different than other eliatropes,and they are chosen to be leaders of eliatrope race,as such,they formed a council of 6 alongside their dragon brothers/sisters.Those are immortall and keep hatching in their dofus again and again after their death(only way to kill them is to destroy their dofus which is impossible unless you crush it with another dofus,so kinda complicated).Most of eliatropes have normal growth rate and lifetime but the council members age MUCH more slowly(compare season 1 Yugo and season 3 Yugo,only grew a couple centimeters and also Quilby who was trapped 1000 of years and still looks fine).I QUESS that the process COULD be sped up with some time shit or xelor spell as shown in season 3.

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I am also confused by this, I’ve decided that it’s just puberty and he is a late blossom.. lol. Because the alternative makes me sad (Yugo just ages slower during teen/adult growth), if the latter is true then he won’t really ever be able to be with Amalia properly and that’s sadder then my dead minecraft dog.. sad

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when yugo used the 6 dofuses and created all the clones that orrop is one of when one of those clones die they pass their life time the rest of the elios there orropo lived from the begining of time to the current time  he just age realy realy slowly and that shown in the first episodes when orropo used the aging thingy on them everybody aged so much exepte him

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