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English subtitles in Wakfu season 3

By FortressSilverRangerHUN#1615 - MEMBER - September 03, 2017, 22:06:22

Im a fan of the Ankama Games and the Ankama's Cartoons. My question is simple. When we get the English subtitles for the Wakfu Animated Series Season 3? Sorry my weak english. Im a hungarian, and im sadly not speak france.

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Second that. Or even more simple: can we get the french transcripts from the already released episodes at least? I loved to see them, but my french isn't that good and I'm afraid lot of the context has been lost on me. Visually stunning though

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It will be released on Netflix eventually, and I'm assuming it will have subtitles in various languages. So far I haven't found an official date for the release though.

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They give seasone to Netflix after few month probably. U know Ankama and French4 (Im not sure about tv station name) wanna get profit before they give rights to Netflix

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I am very annoyed that this question has been asked a few times now, and nobody at Ankama has answered it. No "Maybe" or "Next year" or "Not happening", just no answer at all. 

Let's face it, they don't care about English subtitles. If Ankama really cared they would have mentioned something about that, and maybe when we'd be able to easily - legally watch it by now. Instead we're left in limbo AS USUAL. Maybe we'll get a generic non-answer reply in the next month or so. Or maybe we'll be told to wait for the next GAMAKNA magazine for the answer. 

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Basicly u r right.
They don't care at all about that profesional ENG subs, I doubt they don't even hire a team to translate script yet xD.
In internet u can find fan subs already but face it, Ankama gives full French content and rest of the word can just wait for their move. As a normal person I still don't belive how they can no seize the opportunity and give just profesional ENG subs... so many fans waitin, and as u say, noone form Ankama Studio give any information. This is of course game forum and game devs, but some corporate statement about subs will be nice.
I always said that and this is true and sad for me. Ankama target is French, always, and this would be not so strange, but they just ignore all fame and money from other country and the biggest money are from ENG speakers just take advantage of that.
Ehh, all this wall of text don't have meaning bc they don't care at all. Like always

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You can watch the series here,

Includes all episodes, and it's subbed. Enjoy!

I saw the whole thing, I have a shit ton of questions that hopefully are answered as time allows. It ended with a clear sign of more to come.

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It was awesome wasn't it???

Got 1-2 questions myself, but i fear, that it will be all for now. "Villain" dead, "heroes" survived and all...

Only 13 servings of Wakfu was certainly not enough and I expected way more Demi-God battles, but meh, i am content for now.

Also, who still fears IT if Adamai just smiles at you...

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It's pretty clear that there is more to come. I 100% doubt, it will be all for now. They have to explain how they get out of the God's realm, and is the eliacube/dofuses gone or destroyed?

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Of course will be more episodes in the future!
S1 and S2 have 26x 22min eps
S3 have only 13 and one of the bigest mistery in Wakfu history! They must gime more lore! biggrin

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So any Idea when Season 3 will be translated to English?

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probably on netflix release date

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