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About the season 3 development

By ManicKitten January 17, 2017, 10:30:04

First of all, a big shout out to the ankama team who did the first two seasons, they rocked. Tbh, they were what brought me back into ankama's games after a few years of "no more, never" as i watched them recently.

Now, if there is something i'd like to say, it's that in my opinion the first season was much better than the second. For it had:

  • A well defined enemy, one that had a goal, a plan to achieve it, and a reason behind that goal.
  • A team of protagonists that went in business since the first episode.
  • The feel of something well prepared.
  • Consistency.
  • More Kriss.
While the second season was:

  • Kinda less well organized : that's at least what i felt. What i saw was 20 episodes just to gather the different characters needed for the 5-6 last ones. In the first season it was done in 1. (One good point is they actually use the dofus(es?) they found... in the last 2 episodes)
  • So yeah, no real main goal till they find out Quilby is a traitor, and only then the series switches from slice of life to action/adventure. At this moment the only example of successful goal warp that comes to my mind is kill la kill (if anyone has other examples, especially in western media go on and post them).
  • [*]The enemy, oh, that's the worse point: compared to Nox, Quilby is a sissy.Nox was a tormented family father driven crazy by a power he couldn't handle or even comprehend, the heart torn apart by the loss of his wife and childrens. He wanted to fix his misdeeds, and the world who stole his family could die giving it back, that would make sense.
    Quilby... was a pissed off emo. "You can't understand! Life sucks!" Rushu was a better antagonist, had humor, charisma, shut ups, and other stuff.
The best that could happen for the season 3 would be to follow the same pattern as the first season, giving time for the ankama team to prepare the fourth. IMO, scenario wise a team that goes from point A to point B kicking asses in the middle is the easiest way to secure a winning serie. It cannot be repeated too much because it might end up getting boring but when well balanced it works wonders.

If i had a word to say, i'd go: Season 3 => Yugo "grows up" trough the experience of something that will open his eyes on wakfu, the responsibilities of a leader, etc... And season 4 => once he's kinda mature, an eliatrope emissary comes to his dimension and tells him he's ready, they bring the eliatropes back to the serie's world, and mechasms attacks.

Yep that's kinda late for this kind of speech since the season has already begun its development. Not to mention i don't think random ppl like me have their word to say...If if can help, yay, if it cannot, too bad, while confident in my english skills i still think after a wall of text, an apology on errors is required, feel free to correct me if you think it's necessary, and yeah, if you have examples of goal warps, share them. As always opinions and constructed criticism are welcome.
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I just want Season 3 to have the Eliotropes. The timelines should have merged by then.

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I think that Adamai will ally himself with Quilby since he kinda feels betrayed and angry. It would be really cool seeing nox again, possibly appearing in the final battle(if there is one) as a "good guy"(he wasn't exactly evil :p) to help the Brotherhood. Also I'd like for Yugo to sacrifice himself or being trapped(possibly in the White dimension) for a bigger goal so the 4th season could center around him realising what he has done wrong and get to know the pain of being all alone like Quilby. Eh, it isn't really a great idea but still, just wanted to share my oppinion. Also, we probably all want more of Grougaloragram biggrin(probably misspelled)

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A few years back, a friend of mine introduced Wakfu to me while I was in school. Rather than doing classwork, we were watching the first episode (if memory serves me right) of season 1; a marvellous way to spend our time, the teacher hardly cared. I was captivated for a short while, but I never really explored anything related to the series afterwards...     At least, not for a few years.

Only early 2017 did I decide to take a deeper look, and boy did I regret putting it off for so long. Wakfu is great, I'd go so far as to name it my favourite series as of currently. I'm keen for season 3 and whole-heartedly agree with @Rezilia, I'd love to see more involvement from the Eliotropes, then Yugo can spit in the face of everyone who mocked him for his perceived subjectless Kingship and lack of mettle.

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