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Is Tristepin the real cause of Ogrests Chaos? Spoilers!

By Fleisch - MEMBER - July 12, 2016, 01:30:47

First of all, if you haven't watched the 3 OVA's that come after season 2 you should definitely not read on. And even if...this topic will contain material from the comics/manga so be wary ofthat before good? Aright!
Also the fact that i am by no means an expert or even an amateur in terms of dofus/wakfu lores, so if you see any inconsistency or even wrong facts, pls feel free to point them out!!
Now you might be confused, mayhaps even enraged at how i could possibly accuse fan favorite Grovy of being responsible for ogrests chaos, a catastrophe that cost thousands (or even more) of people their lives. How dare i!

The thing is, i'm pretty convinced he played the most crucial role in it.
To understand we have to go back to the past, back when Sadida created his famous 10 dolls who were in a way parts of him, made to seduce the 10 dragon-children of osamodas first children.

The most notable dolls were the 9th, Lacrima and the 10th/last, Dathura. It's kind of a Cain and Abel story, Lacrima being jealous of Dathura, feeling she stole her place as Sadidas favorite.
Which is funny, considering that she was in fact sadidas favorite all along, being the only doll that was capable of fertility and specifically made to conceive sadidas child and heir.

Now we introduce Grovy, back when he was god Iop. One day, during sadidas absence he appeared in his garden. While first encountering Dathura it was in the end Lacrima he moved towards and despite her telling him to stay make it short he raped her.

Yes, that is grovy, the one you all love. He raped someone. Still a fan....yes?...ok .-.
Now i don't know if Iop knew, most likely not tho. But Lacrima being an extended part of Sadida meant that their child would not be a half-god like goultard but full fledged one.
And reproduction between gods was forbidden for their children were feared to be even stronger, which was indeed the case with Cornu Mollu who easily beat Iop years later in a 1v1. (That's right masks, your 'god' is the strongest, feel proud)

Ok so Cornu Mollu himself was a huge problem Grovy is responsible for, and he caused alot of destruction once he was freed in the word of twelve,but i'm getting off topic here because that's got nothing to do with Ogrests Chaos.

The much more relevant factor here is Lacrima. Having been raped by someone itself is something terrible that can mentally break people. Now add in the fact that from this moment on, she was completely ignored by sadida,who simply lost any interest in her because she was 'used' by iop. The one person whose attention and love she craved. Not to mention that she had to see how he dismembered their own son. All because Grovy was horny.

In a fit of jealousy and desperation she threw Dathura into the world of twelve, a last act of hoping for sadidas attention. The opposite was the case, Sadida was ony concerned with Dathuras disaperance. Lacrima realized she had gotten rid of the one person whohad always been nice to and truly liked her for who she was, unlike sadida who had only seen her as a tool.
Ok too much Lacrima here, but reading her story kinda made me a fan of hers.

Now we now what happened next. Dathura was found by Otomai, Ogrest fell in love with her, -Ogrest Ova-, blablabla.
Ogrests Chaos happens.
Aright, ofc alot of different factors were responsible for this to eventually happen and you can point your fingers at different people and critizice them.

Sadida for creating the dolls and neglecting Lacrima. Then again the dolls were never meant to 1. be used by Iop and 2. go to the world of 12
Lacrima herself. Tragic Backstory tho.
Dathura maybe? She was described as a friendly person and it's debatable how much of an actively negative role she played in Ogrests Chaos.
Otomai for being a bad father? There's worse parents....Iop for example
Ogrest? He's the biggest victim here.

Then there's Iop, he raped Lacrima.....uh but any excuses? Nope he just did an evil act, no point in defending him, rape is rape and his action was compeltely avoidable. There are no freudian excuses for him whatsoever.
He is indirectly responsible for all this, even the death of Nox's family during the flood.
Now in hindsight, is Grovy's death at Razorclock really sad or karma?
Did he really save the world from ogrest or did he just kinda made up for what he caused? Except he cant make up for all the deaths that happened beforehand.

Grovy obviously doesn't know all this and the title of this topic was just to catch your guys attention...did it work? Lol.
He is obviously not 'evil' and it's hard to say how much actually he resembles his past self.
After all while he is technically a reincarnation of sorts and there are similarities, Grovy has shown multiple times in the series that he is not as egocentric and outright arrogant as Iop during his prime as god. That he created his own family without abandoning them.

I don't dislike Grovy as a character if you thought that was the reason of this topic, after Adamai and Ruel he is my favorite Brotherhood of Tofu member (which isn't sayin much tbh) and he is often a good laugh.
But maybe this shows us that even the typical idiot hero has more to him than it seems (apart from the whole is actually a god thing).
Also rape is bad.
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Wait, so he was always Iop god? So how other guy, who appears as his mentor (I forgot name, guy who beat Shushu king) have the god power?

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Cause Goultard is Grovy's son (by a mortal Iopette) and therefore a halfgod and Cornu Mollu's half-brother.
Btw it was him and his friend Arti who were able to stop Cornus rampage.

When Iop decided not to reclaim his powers and immortality after the latters defeat, he instead gave them to his son Goultard and was 'reincarnated' as the Grovy we know.

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Wow, very complicated. Interesting though.

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Spoilers for anyone that doesn't know...

Saying that someone is THE Iop god is like saying they're THE Sram god. Gods give their powers to new successors all the time, so it's likely that Grovy succeeded another Iop god before.

And Goultard is THE Iop god now. He was given the full powers of the Iop god, and tried to give them back but was rejected by Grovy.

So Goultard is definitely Grovy's son, but that doesn't mean at all that Grovy raped Lacrima.

To be honest, even if he was, that doesn't mean he caused Dathura to get attacked by Lacrima. Lacrima wanted to murder Dathura in the first place; she just used the rape as an excuse.

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Except no we don't know of any other iop gods that did a similar thing, thus the chance is higher and it likelier that the mentioned god iop and tristepin are indeed the same (or well his reincarnation).
What other gods did it if i may ask?
Because the way i see it, the Iop Goultard thing is an exception.

The rape was not an excuse, it was the final nail altho to really know the truth wed have to exactly know Lacrimas psyche.

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No, it was an excuse. If you actually read the related comics, Lacrima had been wanting to kill Dathura out of jealousy for ages. She blamed Dathura for everything that happened to her, when Dathura had never done anything to her.

I'm pretty sure that the Sram god is a line of succession. I've heard that, in the Sram area in the game, the player finds that out personally.

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Considering how much of this is subjectively written it feels like you're fangirling over the raped character like you admitted and have some sort of issue with Grovy, who might not have even been that God Iop. And frankly, considering the dolls were made to seduce dragons to begin with and one of them was meant to be impregnated by Sadida himself they were... essentially sex toys from the get-go. Add in that in almost all theomythologies, gods tend to take whatever they please because they are gods and are responsible for that life to begin with, and this becomes something more normal to those learned in this lore and in general mythology in the first place.

Instead there's a lot of selfish emotional manipulation involved in this writing meant to turn the readers against a popular and beloved character for something that happened either in a previous life when he was a different person that he just shares a soul with, or to a wholly different entity altogether bearing the same godhead he once held.

Shame on you.

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I think that the "Iop God" is more a tittle than the same person. Because that would lead us to think that Tristepin lost his personality and became "Goultard" persona (the former iop god) after awakening the powers,and continuing with this logic,he recovered his "Tristepin" persona after losing his powers,returning the "Goultard/god iop" persona to Goultard. Wich is false by the evidence in the OVAs,Tristepin's personality didn't change after awakening his powers

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