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English dub and OVA

By April 17, 2014, 07:00:22
Seen the kickstarter project, but didnt seen when the english dub will be released. Anyone have any idea when what will be?
And about the new OVA, when will be released?
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October, Click here

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I believe the three OVA have been released. I've seen OVA 1 & 2 online. I think there was suppose to be third OVA?

I am having such a hard time finding it! Can anyone elaborate on this please? sad
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ThyHolyOverlord|2014-04-17 22:10:12
October, Click here

Can you post what the update says? I'll give you 100 digi-cookies. biggrin 
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Any sources to watch this 3 OVA online?
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I have found a place that has all 3, but they are in a non-trustworthy website, seems to me.
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I found some on a piratbay torrent, but Im not used to this download stuff at all and duno what to do. 3 OVA online there, english subbed...
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So, except Netflix, where i can watch wakfu in english dub? As for the new OVA or OVAs, are those released or when we can watch em? Seen a video with Yugo fighting Ogrest.
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