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[FUN FICTION]-Baby Budgies

By JonTurk#2901 - MEMBER - June 15, 2019, 15:33:51

We have talked about my 30 days baby budgies were fighting last night while we are in xelor dung boss and group players wondered them how they look like and i told them i can share pictures in forum and i think this share wont be a problem for few days under this section. if it is a problem ,you can delete this topic..
Btw names are real.
Sadi(dad) and Tropi (Sadi is yellow one who is dad and blue-white is mom )
Sadi scares too much and  does not like to being catched not bites.Tropi just guards itself but doesnt bite,it doesnt scares but hate tto being catched by hand

Arci is 3rd hatched baby,copy of ecafi but yellow and a bit scares.
Ecafi 2nd hatched,ecafi is like a toy,never scares ,it likes to be liked and not curious,silent.
Marsi 4th Hatched Marsi is normal size but it likes hiding in somewhere and not curious and wildest to human right now
Panpan 1st hatched ,panpan is really huge and its beak too,panpan curious and not wild to human
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Wow, cuties *-* I love Ecafi's and Marsi's colors c: They seems to be as big as their parents tho :O
Thanks for sharing biggrin

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i guess it is about nature puffed body feathers but you are right their size is over parentsize in 30 days.They grow faster which is better thing tho. i would give a name Rogu if color is gray but  maybe they have got no this color in their ancestors,color is luck XD

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Nice. xD

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