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The girl,the sacrier, and the experiment part 2 and 3 teaser

By blookyboo#6911 - MEMBER - March 29, 2019, 08:48:16
Part 2 teaser
Haku woke her sleep. As usual she had no dreams, but she felt something off like when you open a window and feel like the whole town is watching you. Ironically Haku went and opened the window. The view from the shack on Brutas inn was mesmerising. She took a deep breathe before shutting the window but then she smelled something. Something she hadn't smelled since she fell. Stasis.

Part 3 teaser
Haku was strapped to a table just like Sage and Brix. She hated that she brought them into this but she knew she was powerless. Or was she? she did after all have what she was made of. Quadramental breeze. She unleashed it destroying not only the cuffs keeping her on the table but all the Robots that were guarding them. She then blasted Sage and Brix free and made for the exit, but when they got there, Morak, the foggernaught that captured them, blocked them off.

these are snippets that may or may not be in parts 2 and 3 as they are still in the process of being made if you would like to help with it or even make art of the character go to the discord here: or go to the forum at
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