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The girl,the sacrier, and the experiment Part 1

By blookyboo#6911 - MEMBER - March 23, 2019, 08:54:28

Haku woke from her dream in a place she she didnt know all she did know was that she seemed to be in an inn of sorts. she peered up to see a hole in the ceiling and asked herself if she left it somehow. then almost on cue a sacrier flew in through the wall. He was small in his build like haku, and seemed to be her same age as well. She went to see if he was ok but before she even got up an eniripsa fluttered in through the exact wall the sacrier left. she sighed. "Brix if you cant even beat me in a fight how can you expect to fight Kai?" the eniripsa asked with a mix of consern and disappointment. so the sacrier was Brix. The eniripsa was taller than Brix and had pale blonde hair just as Haku had but Haku had hers down while the eniripsa had most of it in a messy bun. "Sage I cant really fight you because your my friend I have to take it easy on you" Brix said as if hiding his shame. so Sage was the eniripsa's name. Haku slowly got up and as if just noticing she was there sage fluttered over to here. "are you ok?" she asked worried as she pulled out her almost completely broken wand. Haku shook her head and then remembered she hasnt really ever spoken to other people before, she had no idea how to go on with the conversation so she ended up just standing up and  tryed to walk away but was stopped by Brix. "you sure you're ok? you seem like you were hit pretty hard in the head" when Brix said this Haku put her hand up to her head to find it was bleeding but seemed to have stopped for the time being. Sage then took her wand and muttered something Haku couldnt understand. "that should help with the wound. anyway how did you get here?" Sage asked as she tried to sit Haku down. Haku ended up saying the truth: that she didnt know how she got there, or even where there was. Brix was the one to answer her implied question "Astrub, city of mercenaries."  Sage was the first to ask the more important question. "could you tell us your name?" Haku didnt know if it was smart to tell them what she was really called so she went with the first name that came to mind "Haku." Sage smiled and then asked her with compassion "do you have a place to stay?" Brix then rudely retorted "obviously not if she doesnt even know where she is." the two "friends" got into an argument and Haku rathered to not stay and listen to it so she slowly snuck out to find something to earn her money for a place to stay. At the very least a shack would do.

Hey if you have any questions,suggestions, art or you just want to help with the creation of the story either contact me at or comment and as always stay awesome biggrin 

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Ooh, an incarnate with amnesia, I guess that Incarnam gobball hit her preaty hard!
But what class, what class, if she's young she can still choose a god...

Anyway, looks nice, will be glad to see where this goes.


blookyboo|2019-03-26 02:58:24
first she is NOT an incarnate (see the title hint hint) and she is huppermage sorry shouldve added that in

I mean I thought since she fell from the sky and that's how people usually incarnate.
And not sure how I could have guessed that from the title.
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first she is NOT an incarnate (see the title hint hint) and she is huppermage sorry shouldve added that in

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